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Let there be no doubt, followership makes our world go around. It is how spectacular things get done in your company, your community, and in your home. When people feel so inspired that they will sweat and toil for a common cause, pulling towards something great…it is poetry and magic all at once.

Great followership requires leaders with character, courage and truth, who inspire others and lead them with hope, confidence and optimism.

How are you leading? And how prepared is your organization to advance towards solutions that work for the company, the community, and the world at large?

The world’s biggest problems are being solved by courageous people in business, government, and agencies. They’re being solved by people who consciously choose to change their world, and themselves, for the better.


Our clients call us “un-consultants,” and that’s a good thing.  Our goal is to create capacity in leaders, communities, and organizations through partnership using the tools of our trade: learning, design, facilitation, coaching, and dialogue.  There are 3 main, interconnected starting points in our practice:

Healthy Cultures
Enduring Leaders
Aligned Strategy & Teams


In business, profitability counts. We know that and help clients make the profit they need in order to have the impact they seek. And, money is not all that matters. Couragous leadership today means paying attention to impact, people, global economics and long-term sustainability. We look forward to helping you with everything that matters.

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What you do Matter