35-Day Anti-Racism Course for White People

You care about racial injustice, but you’re not sure what you can do about it.

“I’m a white person,” you think to yourself. “What’s my role in all this?”

It can be difficult for a white person to know how or when to have a voice in conversations around race or diversity, equity, and inclusion at work.

What if you knew your “work” around race and DEI?

What if you felt empowered to pursue racial justice at work?

What if you knew what “allyship” looked like?

We designed The 35-day Anti-Racism challenge for white people as the jumping-off point for changing your relationship to issues of race and inclusion at work.

As a white person, you hold critical leverage and power in forging new futures for workplaces across the globe. But how many white people do you see talking about whiteness and how to change it?

Not many.

Get started today with our free, 35-Day Anti-Racism email course.

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