Because none of us is as smart as all of us. 

Cadre is an accelerated, active learning process designed to help serious leaders solve big problems.  Each Cadre examines a specific opportunity or problem, one that every member of the Cadre is equally curious and passionate to explore within their own organization.

Cadre (noun): a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession

The Cadre Approach

  • Assemble – A group of carefully selected, passionate problem solvers and learners from different sectors facing similar issues
  • Focus- on a specific opportunity or problem that is bigger than all of them
  • Provide  - expert content, masterful facilitation
  • Create  - an accountability structure that ensures substantive progress - everyone has skin in the game when it comes to in their own organization
  • Insure  - an environment of safety and confidentiality
  • Promote – a group culture built on experiential learning, examining, questioning, challenging and ultimately supporting
  • Set  - a timeframe for making change happen

The Constants of Every Cadre

  • Co-active, experiential learning

  • Carefully selected peer group using the Cadre Feedback Process

  • Masterfully structured meetings and world class facilitation

  • Curated content and guest faculty increase quality and inspiration 

  • Fixed duration from 3 to 12 months depending on the topic

  • Professional coaching to insure application back at work

  • Cadres vary in size, but are  generally limited to betweenlimited to 6 -14 members

The easy problems have all been solved.  What's left are the hard ones.  



Project Excellence

Project managers convert ideas and plans into reality. How they accomplish this mission is often the difference between real value and painful loss. Gaining excellence means going beyond initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing.  If you or your team’s success hinges on your ability to achieve goals and specifications (aka projects) this Cadre is designed for you.



  • What makes great projects – Assessing your own project portfolio and capabilities
  • Knowing when to adapt and how to position – Identifying and selecting effective processes and tools
  • Filling the “gap” between strategy and actual execution – Aligning project outcomes with organizational priorities
  • Beyond tools and checklists – leveraging the socio-cultural, self and team aspects of great project management
  • Delivering value while doing the least – Lean project management
  • Bringing it all together – Portfolios, programs, projects, how to synch them 
  • Geared for experienced candidates in organizations where projects are key to success. Industries include (not limited): construction, engineering, healthcare, and technology


James Warburton MS | PMP 


Seven Friday sessions beginning Sept. 30 - January 20, 2017     


Start-up to Scale-up

There’s a saying: “What got you here, won’t get you there.” Most entrepreneurs have spent sleepless nights strategizing how to make the shift from the people, processes, and products that get their companies on the map to those that will create sustained growth. This Cadre is for smart, successful entrepreneurs who are seeking answers to questions like:

  • How do I build a management team that can get things done and work well together?
  • How do I structure my organization for agility and sustained success as we grow?
  • How do I find and prepare the new players for success?
  • How do I keep the good parts of our culture as we scale?

Scaling means proceeduralizing, but in a way that doesn’t deprive the organization of its secret sauce. It requires strength in leadership and culture to engage great talent.



  • Explore each organization’s core value proposition and how to scale the business while developing or maintaining a conscious culture
  • Explore how to identify and leverage the organization’s key partners, resources and channels to thrive in the transition
  • Look at new talent needs and develop a plan to morph the management team towards sustained growth
  • Create an organizational structure that aligns with the future growth strategy, and develop a bridge strategy to get from here to there
  • Outline and prioritize moves and decisions that lead to the “new” organization, and identify the support structures that will help you get there 


Jim Morris


Six monthly sessions beginning on November 3     


Women Leading

Women rate as well in fundamental leadership traits and are indistinguishable from their male counterparts in terms of capability and potential, but the pay gap will take decades to reach parity and women are proportionally still in short supply at the top. In addition, the pressures of caretaking responsibilities outside of work disproportionately continue to fall on women, creating high stress and overwhelm. The purpose of this Cadre is to engage and inspire women leaders to share wisdom, explore new ways to support one another, and strengthen their impact within their organizations.

Women Leading will explore ways to build stronger leadership practices, mentoring, succession, and development opportunities for women leaders. We will examine authentic aspects of wholehearted leading and the nuances of finding voice as a minority. We will strategize, share, and practice the support needed to transform work, and women’s place in it. Feminine leadership can assist in solving the many big problems we face across the globe. Let’s discuss how.       


  • Explore how mainstream business culture impacts women leaders

  • Interpret and effectively respond to these subtle messages of power

  • Build a strong personal and professional network of peers from various industries who face similar challenges and opportunities

  • Explore ways to build stronger partnerships across gender divides

  • Discover practical ideas and methods to become a catalyst for gender change for oneself and one’s business

  • Develop strategies to overcome challenges to feminine visibility and authority


Moe Carrick


Six monthly sessions beginning on Nov. 10      


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