Cam Carrick

About Cam

Passionate about Moe’s mission to enhance human experiences in the workplace, Cameron provides vital behind-the-scenes support in areas ranging from organizational processes to copywriting and editing. With an eclectic mix of interests including art, knitting, carving, fine tea brewing, hiking, cycling, and baking, Cam’s deepest passion lies in the exploration of perception, power, and practice, and their potential to reshape lives.

Before joining Moementum, Cam received a self-devised Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree from Quest University Canada. There, he crafted his unique major by merging geology, philosophy, and science-fiction studies. This allowed him to undertake original research on the power of imagination, using popular literature as his case studies.

Beyond managing 404 errors and overseeing a host of other crucial projects, Cam leads a vibrant and fulfilling life. He is deeply committed to redefining connections for himself and others, advocating for vulnerability and authenticity over more traditional, yet flawed models. Cam cherishes time with his beloved dog Sadie, and savors the simple pleasure of soaking up the sun.

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