About Jess

Jessica Scalise is the kind of person we all want on our team. Native to Central Oregon, Jessica grew up running barefoot through her natural surroundings, climbing trees and playing in the river. Living life to the fullest is authentically important to Jessica. She is always evolving and always kind.

Throughout her childhood, Jessica remembers her petite Italian mother encouraging her to STAND UP FOR HERSELF. Jessica’s response? “But I don’t want to hurt their feelings.” As an adult, still has a squishy soul however it is paired with along with an impressive backbone. Her years on earth have taught her when to listen to her mother, and when to listen to her inner voice.

Jessica holds a degree in early childhood education, which she earned while being a full-time single parent to an incredible kid. If you put her in a room full of people, she will most likely be found playing with the kids. Jessica is passionate about continuing to enlighten and educate herself on how to help the world around her and its future generations. Luckily for her, working for Moe, is helping her do just that!

Fearless in her free time, Jessica likes to play outside with her family. Hiking, snowboarding, surfing, biking. You name it and she will try it! Will she be good at it? Debatable. But she will have a big smile on her face, regardless. Jessica loves traveling, tasteful butterflies, the color purple and aspires to be on Survivor one day! Look out world!

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