Moementum team member Mei Ratz

About Mei

Mei Ratz found the title “creative” hidden in her childhood among the Wind River Mountains. She traced out her love for creating connections on worn-out topographic maps and discovered a knack for problem-solving after frequently shooting her hand into the air to ask the hard questions. Now, several years later, Mei has replaced those worn-out maps with a degree in Communication Design—racking up awards with prestigious outlets such as National Geographic.

After cutting her teeth with clients such as Pitch Engine, The Impact Investment Center, and NOLS, Mei is often recognized for her courageous pursuit of social justice initiatives, insightful content creation, and efficient team building.

More recently, Mei spends her time working alongside Moe, where she passionately tackles topics such as leadership, fit, and D&i. When asked about her dreams in life, Mei might get a far-away look in her eye as she describes a world with equality, an unlimited travel budget, and great water pressure.

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