About Us

We make work good. People make organizations great.

We make work good.

Imagine achieving phenomenal, sustainable results, attracting and retaining top talent, loving what you do, and making a meaningful impact—all without losing momentum, energy, or heart over tough people issues.

We’re not just consultants; we’re your partners in creating a vibrant, unique work culture. We’re your co-conspirators on a mission to make work exceptional. When it is, your team brings their best, driving you to success.

Moementum, Inc. is your partner in getting the people part of your business right. We bring proven, system-wide solutions to leadership overwhelm, mis-aligned teams, low employee engagement, and poor performance. We are your fierce allies, co-creating workplaces where individuals feel valued, connected, and purposeful. It’s about fostering an environment where every day is an opportunity to inspire, engage, and excel.

Our work begins with the assumption that your team isn’t just your backbone; they’re your powerhouse. We work to equip you with bold, actionable tactics for transforming your business
to increase its profitability and impact.

Our Pledge to You:

We promise to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to turn outdated workplace norms on their heads, and to ensure that every person who walks through your doors feels ignited and ready to work.


We are on a mission to make every workplace good for people because when people thrive at work, everybody wins.


We envision a world where organizations get results and people thrive, at the same time.

When going to work feels great, it drives performance, makes money, strengthens families, increases employee engagement, gets results, builds communities, and heals the planet.

Our People

The Moementum Team


The glue

Cam Carrick

The engineer

Moe Carrick

The captain

Empowering the Future of Work

At Moementum, we equip purpose-driven leaders with tools and experiences that build healthy culture, activate leaders who bring out the best in people, and inspire aligned and connected teams. Our aim is to place practical resources and grounded confidence in the hands of everyday leaders.

We begin with this foundational truth: businesses are vibrant, living systems. It’s the people within them that drive greatness.

The future of work calls for innovation and flexibility. Rather than conforming to the paths laid by corporate giants, you’ll carve your own way. You’re not meant to mimic the Googles or Apples of the world; your enterprise is distinct, with its own set of challenges and possibilities.

With Momentum, Inc., every step is a leap towards a future where work is not just a place, but a space where your people and your business expand, learn, and grow, having the potent impact you want in the world.

You’ve got this. You’re ready.

Start Here. Schedule Your Exploratory Conversation.

On a super practical, hands-on call, we will:

  • Review your current organizational culture efforts to see what’s working (and what’s not)
  • Identify the #1 barrier to activating the awesome talents of your people
  • Develop your next three big moves to scale sustainably, hit your profit and impact goals, build awesome employee engagement, and create a culture your people absolutely love
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