About Us


We are Moementum, Inc., your trusted partner in achieving extraordinary value and sustainable results.

We work side by side with leaders who are eager to build a culture that brings out the best in people. Our focus is on enlivening the people who choose to work with you, because we firmly believe it’s people who make organizations great.

Our Promise

To Make Work Good.

We return leaders to their superpowers.

Every leader has a superpower: it’s the people they lead. Where we get confused is that people are complex, imperfect, and ever-changing. In our work, we return leaders to their superpowers.

We teach them to help people thrive at work, not with surface perks or toxic positivity but with buy-in, transparency, and accountability. When people thrive, the whole organization shifts into another gear. The results are amazing.


We are on a mission to make every workplace good for people because when people thrive at work, everybody wins.


We envision a world where organizations get results and people thrive, at the same time. When going to work feels great, it drives performance, makes money, strengthens families, increases employee engagement, gets results, builds communities, and heals the planet.


We put the tools of people centered leadership, healthy culture, and teams who care in the hands of every day leaders.

Our People

The Moementum Team


The glue

Cam Carrick

The engineer

Moementum founder Moe Carrick

The captain

What Sets Us Apart

We believe that you can lead people and build a healthy workplace culture. Our unique approach blends the very human needs of the people in your organization with the organization’s own needs to create a thriving, harmonious whole.

We have evolved our proprietary tools and practices over 30 years of working with thousands of leaders just like you. It is not rocket science—but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. We’ve got you covered with our intuitive models, simple scripts, and proven mindset shifts.

You have what it takes already, even if you are not sure where to start. It does not take a personality transplant to transform yourself into a leader who is good for people and activates the talents of everyone for results.

As good as it feels to help people love coming to work, that’s not why we do what we do. We believe in and drive for results. Time and again we’ve seen it play out: you build leaders who are good for people; they build brave, conscious cultures and teams who care; everyone does better; your organization meets its mission and makes a return for shareholders. People are healthier which enlivens families and communities. We never let go of this systemic, results-driven focus.

We simultaneously believe that every organization is unique and that the problems facing every organization are familiar in the realm of people and culture. We have worked all over the world, bringing insights that work everywhere into everything we do.

The time has passed when DEI was a bolt on or an add on to business as usual. Creating meaningful inclusion and belongingness matters to everyone at work, and we weave it into our entire practice and suite of services.

How We Help

We make organizations fit for human life.

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