At Moementum, Inc. our clients are small family-owned businesses, tech start-ups, nonprofits of every size, large-scale manufacturing companies, public corporations in every sector, adventure travel businesses, academic institutions and more. We know that every single team, organization, company and leader can benefit from what we teach, how we facilitate and the connections we create.


Aligning Strategy for Results


MEDISISS, a medical device reprocessing company, faced a crossroads in their evolution, and mobilized the leadership team to plot a path forward amidst numerous dynamic changes including acquisition, competition, and very rapid growth.

Developing Leaders for the Future

PPG Industries

Is your company ready for the next stage? Have you invested in the leadership you have and are you considering the leadership you need?

Why Organizational Culture Matters

Tech Soft 3D

Tech Soft 3D CEO Ron Fritz talks about the importance of working to enhance his company's culture to help drive business results. Moementum Principals Moe Carrick and Jim Morris describe how they help companies like Ron's measure their cultures and begin to change them for the better. Learn why culture matters and how to lead the way to use it to improve and sustain results.

The Role of Organizational Design

World's Finest Chocolate Co.

Moementum Principals Jim Morris and Moe Carrick, and Eddie Opler, CEO of World's Finest Chocolate Company, discuss the details of how one organization re-invented itself and achieved amazing results. Learn some of the key ways in which your organizational design relates to your overall goals. When people are in the right role, with clear accountability, everyone feels engaged, seen, and therefore contributes fully.

Building Cohesive Teams

Structus Building Technologies

Structus Building Technologies CEO Bill Scannell talks about the importance of building teams to bridge the gaps between individuals in different areas of the organization and elevate trust. Paying attention to the importance of cohesive teams creates more effective meetings, increased profitability, record sales, and phenomenal results.

Why Hire a Coach?

World's Finest Chocolate Co.

Eddie Opler, CEO of World's Finest Chocolate, talks about why he hired a coach, and how it has helped him to transform his business.
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