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Moementum, Inc. provides executive, business and team coaching to clients in business, government and non-profit entities. We adhere to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) ethics and practices.

Coaching is a Partnership.

Designed to unleash potential and reveal new opportunities. The answers to the important questions people have about themselves usually come from within. Coaching isn't a series of "how to" sessions; your problems aren't that simple and someone else's solutions are irrelevant when it comes to you and your career.

To learn more about how we work, check out this testimonial about the role an outsider can play in helping leaders and organizations get to the heart of their challenges, or review our coaching practices. 



"It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things." -- Leonardo da Vinci

Who? Individual leaders at all levels who have a passion for being their best self and courageously exploring what is next. Coaching works for anyone who is motivated to improve, grow and learn. 

In particular, clients appreciate our coaching as they up their game to move to a more complex role, lead a new team, or manage a complex transition. The good news is that the most tangled web of obstacles and tricky leadership challenges can be navigated with patience and compassion. 

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Through our coaching process, you will build on your unique talents, traits and perspective, while courageously practicing new behaviors to have the impact you seek. 

Sample requests for coaching include:

  • "I'm a new VP and I need to become more strategic and less tactical
  • "I fear being found out as 'not good enough' and want to grow more confident."
  • "I know my field of expertise, but I'm getting into trouble getting everyone on the same page with me."
  • "I've lost trust and want to rebuild."
  • "I've received feedback that people are afraid to tell me the truth."


How do you talk to yourself? Read Quieting Negative Self Talk to start on the journey of being your best self. 




The best teams consist of connected individuals committed to one another and their work, not superheroes carrying the load.

Building and maintaining a cohesive team is a mixture of art and science. To make your wildest dreams come true for your company, your team needs a plan, as well as a way for everyone to drive forward together with focus and clarity. 

Our Team Coaching process works for executive teams, project teams, staff teams or non-profit boards seeking to attain and sustain a high level of performance, and nurture potent connections between people that help them succeed. 

We work with your team over 2-6 months to materially improve your level of trust, candor, healthy conflict, accountability, and results. Carefully designed assessment, exercises, discussions, experiences, and feeback move your team forward. What you can accomplish together will be nothing short of phenomenal. 

Start getting "Unstuck" with this short blog or contact us for a free 30 minute team coaching consult. 

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