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At the heart of things, we are trained and seasoned in assessing an organization's needs, and making recommendations for paths of action to remediate problems, to grow, and to change. Indeed, we are consultants, who have been called by clients "Un-consultants."

They say this because we are not traditional. We don't unload experts who will either tell you what you should do or ask you endless questions you have already asked yourselves. We believe that if you are inviting us in, the problem is bigger or hairier than imagined or you wouldn't need us.

We provide a wide variety of services, including: Workshops and TrainingImpact CoachingFacilitation and Speaking

In addition, there are two specialty areas of our consulting practice that are fundamental to creating a resilient and sustainable company: 


Culture trumps strategy. Strategy does count, but a healthy culture is the soil from which an effective organization grows. And a great culture rarely spontaneously happens and then lasts. It is the result of a compelling vision, effective leadership, and employees who believe.

We approach culture holistically, and are committed to helping you define yours if it is unexamined, measuring yours if you seek improvement, and creating yours if you are just starting out.

Culture is like the air we breathe--invisible until it goes away.

Check out some of our blogs about culture and listen to one organization's journey to strengthen theirs. One of our favorite tools for measuring culture is the Denison Organizational Culture survey.


If culture is the life-blood of a company, structure is its exoskeleton.

Structure drives clarity of role, accountability, and connection. And examining structure reduces confusion, increases each employee's effectiveness, and locks in accountability. Traditional box on pages linear and hierarchal org charts are not what we are talking about here, although they certainly have their place for some companies.

What matters is that the levels of accountability and the expectations by role are stated out loud, agreed to, and used to drive great work.

Sonario, one of the most powerful tools available to drive scientific, organizational structures that work, powers our approach to redesigning structure. Based on the seminal work of Eliot Jaques, the approach we use is practical, objective, and transparent.



Taking the time to collect formalized feedback from employees, analyze your own personal work style, or deconstruct and redesign your organizational structure can make all the difference in creating a thriving environment within your organization. We are professionally certified in a variety of assessment tools to help you do just that. 

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