Don't Retreat: Advance

When was the last time you and your team stepped away from the whirlwind of your day-to-day to think and plan together?

Leaders tell us all the time that they can't find the time, even though they know it is key to their growth and sustainability. We like to think of it as a chance to advance the business, while also deepening the solidarity and alignment of the team. That’s why we call these strategic off-sites “advances” rather than "retreats."

Strategy without team alignment leaves empty words on pages. Our interactive process creates deep dialogue and reflection that facilitates potent strategy for the future, rather than just a binder on the shelf. We have literally thousands of options to pull from to create a vibrant, custom experience for your team that will blow their socks off (see below add-on options for a few ideas).

Moementum pays close attention to advance pre-work and assessment, de-mystifies the process for participants, and designs an experience ranging in duration from one to five days that blends talk time with activity and reflection to leave every member energized, re-engaged and focused. We focus on setting context for future priorities while crafting practical plans for action going forward.

We consistently have clients comment on the transformational and long-lasting results they get from Moementum’s special approach and style.

Board Development

Board leadership sets the tone and direction of an organization, and is integral to its success.

Creating an effective board is a continual process that includes high engagement, intentional recruitment and willingness to participate in ongoing development. 

We help boards build capacity through:

  • strategic planning
  • board/staff relationship building 
  • team cohesion
  • workstyle assessments
  • evaluating mission and vision
  • understanding the role of individual members and the board as a whole
We work with boards via off-site team advances, on-site facilitated meetings and team coaching.
Are you a member of a nonprofit board, or Executive Director hoping to build higher board engagement? Fill out our nonprofit RFP to request probono or discounted services. 

Large Group Facilitation

We are known for the ability to put people at ease in the first 30 seconds.

Large groups energize and inspire us and we work with them in many ways:

  • formal presentations and keynote speeches
  • emcee role with humor and grace
  • moderating strategy meetings with the aid of graphic recording
  • World Café style discovery
  • meeting interrupts for inspiration and connection, play, and using multi-media to evoke emotion with potent content
  • bringing groups of people together to form profoundly different ways to interact


Optional Add-Ons

Graphic Recording

Do you struggle to keep the attention of attendees at large events? Do you find that strategy meetings result in a flury of ideas and activity, but not much actual action? 

Enter: The Graphic Recorder. 

On a large scale, in real time, graphic recorders capture the ideas, points and concepts expressed by participants as they are spoken in the moment. Keywords, powerful images, bright colors and icons translate complex ideas into recognizable patterns and a long-lasting, sharable keepsake (distributed digitally after the event). 

The Advantages of Graphic Recording:

  • captures the collective memory of the group
  • displays themes and insights
  • enhances learning and interaction
  • stimulates thinking as patterns emerge for all to see
  • literally illuminates the "Big Picture"
  • increases participation and trust as people see visual respresentation of their connection to the whole
  • crosses language and learning barriers
  • provides a visual memory device to continue the conversation

Graphic recording is appropriate for team and board retreats, strategy meetings, keynote speeches, large group events, brainstorming sessions and workshops. 


Integrated Adventure and Experiences

"Adventure is worthwhile, in itself." – Amelia Earhart

Whatever amount of time you have, we can design an adventure or evocative experience that enhances the learning and exchange, no matter what the meeting purpose or agenda contains. We use adventure and experience-based learning broadly—ranging from a 15 minute group challenge in a board room to a multi-day expedition in the wilderness—and everything in between.

As early adopters of the world of learning by doing, Moementum Principals love to infuse every facilitated experience we do with a spirit of visceral (gut) connection through playful, exciting, stretching activities.

Examples of past events include:

  • Working with BMW leaders using the 5 Series vehicles and professional race-car drivers as coaches
  • Taking Michigan community leaders to camp in the snow in March (staying safe and warm) as a journey of self-discovery about their legacy
  • Sailing across oceans with young entrepreneurs
  • Cooking incredible meals with front line leaders
  • Integrating relationship building through golf into a 1500-person sales meeting
  • Geo-caching in downtown Seattle with hospital leaders
  • Infused adventure industry leaders for peer feedback in Namibia and Switzerland
  • Using sea-kayaks as metaphors for coaching excellence in Baja
  • Creating a musical moment with 300 people in less than an hour

Moementum partners with the "best of the best," sourcing safe and fun adventures and experiences, including working with the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning is a unique approach to building teams and leaders in the workplace. Horses and people parnter on the ground (no riding is involved) in a carefully sequenced series of activities designed to mirror real-life work behaviors. 

Horses are complex, highly social creatures, who reflect in realtime the behavior of individuals around them with ease and potency. For leaders, the insights gained from this particular work have a great deal to do with the ways in which they are effective and productive in helping employees do their best work. For teams, trust is elevated and empathy is taught by example. 

Moementum partners with Healing Reins Therapeutic Riding Center to provide these services locally in Central Oregon, and can partner with other therapeutic riding centers across the United States to bring Equine Facilitated Learning to your team or organization.

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