The Inside Job™

Build a workplace people love.

Nail culture as a strategic advantage, and revolutionize how your company rolls.

The Inside Job™

Build a workplace people love.

Nail culture as a strategic advantage, and revolutionize how your company rolls.

Culture starts the moment a business opens its doors.

It is invisible at first, driven by the required actions of shepherding an idea into a business. Hiring the right experts. Defining mission, market, and product. Generating revenue. Managing expenses. The culture of a business rarely sits front and center in the early days and doesn’t usually seem as imperative as cash flow. Until it starts to matter.

Business culture starts to matter when cracks appear, such as…

  • a leadership team of experts who can’t navigate conflict
  • functions that compete or are siloed
  • unclear roles impacting accountability
  • hybrid and remote work fuels disengagement
  • employees leave or are hard to recruit

Don't be a Heroic Leader.

The central problem with Heroic Leadership is that it puts leaders in a place of scarcity, urgency, and rugged individualism that limits them from seeing the big picture. 

Good People Leaders are Fabulous Connectors.

They look for what is going on between and beneath: CULTURE.

Culture is like the air we breathe. We don’t notice it most of the time, but it drives everything. Culture is how we do thing here. Culture exists whether we name and notice it or not.

Transforming Your Organization:
A Blueprint for Culture

As strategic advisors, coaches and consultants, Moementum, Inc. is uniquely positioned to make impactful changes that not only elevate our organizational culture but also set a new standard for leadership excellence. By embracing this journey, you have the power to transform your business into an environment where innovation flourishes, employees are genuinely engaged, and your values are visibly lived out in every aspect of your operations.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, redefining what it means to lead with purpose and passion in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Get the tools you need.

We have helped hundreds of organizations just like yours leverage culture to make their wildest dreams for success come true.  Building the right culture is not complex, but it also isn’t easy. There are no quick fixes.

What it takes is dedicated focus, transparent dialogue, foundational pillars, and sustainable tracking methods. At Moementum, Inc., we have helped hundreds of companies make that ambiguous and invisible thing we call organizational culture their most impactful business lever for profitability, growth, change, employee thriving, and results.

After decades of studying and changing culture in hundreds of organizations we’ve streamlined our process into a predictable roadmap.

We call it The Inside Job™ because culture begins and ends in the beliefs and assumptions that live and breathe within an organization. We have to do the work within to get the benefits of cultural health.

Our Six Fundamentals

How It Works

The Inside Job™ puts the tools of culture building right where they belong: in the hands of your leadership team. We come alongside you closely for 4-12 months to help you build the pillars and milestones for a phenomenal, healthy culture.

When we leave, you have the roadmap, the compass, the data, the templates, and the mindsets to make your culture stand out as a competitive advantage for attracting the employees, customers, and partners you want.

Transparent and Curious Accountability

We offer a method for having frequent, two-way conversations about performance at all levels so that everyone knows what to do, when, and why. Our approach teaches curiosity and inquiry, putting leaders in strong partnership with employees for employee well-being and results.

Organizational Culture Assessment

Using a comprehensive 3rd party tool, we tap into the voice of every employee to get a snapshot of the state of the current culture at your organization. We work with you to make meaning out of the results and communicate them to everyone to plan next step actions.

Mission, Vision, Values Roll-Out Plan

We work with you to leverage your clear and evocative mission, vision, and values as cornerstones for day-to-day behavior at work for everyone from the top to the bottom.

People Philosophy Template

This important document captures your beliefs and assumptions about your most important asset—the people who work at your organization—and clearly states your aspirational commitment to them for thriving at work.

Culture Handbook Template and Project Plan

Imagine a beautiful, interactive handbook that goes far beyond your traditional Employee Rule Handbook to tell the beautiful story of of your organization to prospective employees, customers, and other key stakeholders. We provide the templates, scripts, samples, and processes to build one that is lovingly yours to share forever.

Culture Sustainability Plan

Culture is how we do things hear and it is a living, breathing dimension of every workplace. It requires regular care and feeding, and in the Inside Job™, we leave you with a roadmap for ongoing activities to consistently breathe life into your unique and living organizational culture.

Struggling with HR efforts that fall short on employee engagement, team health, and culture?

It’s not HR’s fault—they’re juggling multiple tasks. But here’s the truth: culture starts at the top. 

Ready to take ownership and transform your organization?

What Clients Say About Our Culture Work

Scott Allan

Twanya Hood Hill

Colin Schilling

Megan Haase

"Moementum helped us on our quest to make a great company even better."
Reggie Fils-Amie
President, Nintendo
"I have worked with Moe over the last 10 years during times of big culture change due to either acquisition or new leadership. Her ability to partner with the CEO and executive leadership team with curiosity, vulnerability, and empathy, promotes a culture that can sit in the in-between and successfully get out the other side stronger. The always iterative innovative tools she brings to the table based on her years of experience can be operationalized to support the system. And that is the difference.”
Tia Newcomer
CEO, CaringBridge
"Moe worked with our previously privately-held 75 person company. We have since transitioned to a Fortune 100 entity with 190,000 employees, and I have had the chance to experience culture "experts" from around the world working with our senior management teams. None of them have come close to Moe. She is empathetic without being mushy, and can hit leaders over the head with truth when necessary, which consultants often don't have the courage to do. Moe's work was and still is the best consulting I have experienced., and the group's profitability as a result of her work is the best evidence. I would do it again without question."
Bill Scannell
GM Gypsum Finishing/Certainteed

Your Guide: A Prologue

A Personal Invitation from Moe Carrick, Author, Speaker, and Founder/CEO of Moementum, Inc.

I am Moe Carrick, and I’ve been called a trailblazer in organizational change, an acclaimed author, speaker, and I am the architect behind Moementum, Inc.

My journey began in the vibrant era of the 1980s, where the thrill of adventure intertwined with the pursuit of business excellence. I stood at the forefront of crafting experiential pathways for organizational metamorphosis with Project Adventure, Inc. This work laid the groundwork for fostering team health and leadership prowess, essential catalysts for tangible results, across prestigious businesses such as BMW, Shell, Kodak, and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The quest I embarked on revealed a profound truth—the distinction between the extraordinary and the ordinary in business lies in the nuanced realms of people and culture. The maxim that “people make companies great” was evident, yet many organizations faltered, devoid of the essential scaffolding to harness the full spectrum of their human potential.

Through the tapestry of time, I’ve witnessed the spectrum of organizational fortunes, from those ensnared in the quagmires of culture to those who’ve soared, making culture the cornerstone of customer allegiance, employee loyalty, and sustained prosperity. Such triumphs not only elevate the business but enrich the lives of its employees, the community, and beyond.

At Moementum, we distill decades of insight into potent, actionable strategies. Our methodology, The Inside Job™, encapsulates the essence of my three seminal books into a cohesive, impactful year long journey. This odyssey is not merely about adaptation but about revolutionizing the bedrock of your organization—its culture.

Join us as we redefine the parameters of success, transforming culture into your unparalleled strategic advantage.

Take action now to ensure the
long-term success of your organization.

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