Your business culture is your strategic advantage.

Nail culture as a strategic advantage and revolutionize how your company rolls with
The Inside Job™

Your company culture started the moment your business opened its doors.

Culture is the invisible force that shapes every aspect of your organization, from your team dynamics to your bottom line.

Your organizational culture is invisible at first, hidden by more pressing demands. Hiring the right experts. Defining mission, market, and product. Generating revenue. Managing expenses.

In the early days, the culture of your business seems less critical than everything else. And then suddenly it really matters.

Because cracks start to appear…

  • Your customer experience doesn’t match your employee experience
  • You have a leadership team of experts who can’t navigate conflict
  • You have teams who are working in silos or actively competing 
  • Your roles are unclear and it’s hard to keep people accountable 
  • Your teams are disengaged, more employees are leaving, and/or you’re having trouble recruiting new team members

A Culture of Passivity Will Cost Your Business.

If you’re feeling like your days are spent in a never-ending cycle of putting out fires related to people, and flames continue to ignite the moment you turn your back, it’s time for a new culture.

Do you have the culture you need to support your goals?

How The Inside Job™ Works

The Inside Job™ takes our established consulting process and puts it directly in the hands of everyday leaders like you. We work closely at your side for 4-12 months to help you build the pillars and milestones for a phenomenal, healthy culture. When we leave, you have the roadmap, the compass, the data, the templates, and the mindsets to make your culture stand out as a competitive advantage for attracting the employees, customers, and partners you want.

Conversations for Transparent and Curious Accountability

We offer a method for having frequent, two-way conversations about performance at all levels so that everyone knows what to do, when, and why. Our approach teaches curiosity and inquiry, putting leaders in strong partnership with employees for employee well-being and results.

Assessment of Organizational Culture

Using a comprehensive 3rd party tool, we tap into the voice of every employee to get a snapshot of the state of the current culture at your organization. We work with you to make meaning out of the results and communicate your team’s next actions.

Roll Out Your Mission, Vision, Values

We work with you to leverage your clear and evocative mission, vision, and values as cornerstones for day-to-day behavior at work for everyone from the top to the bottom.

Start Here. Schedule Your Exploratory Conversation.

On a super practical, hands-on call, we will:

  • Review your current organizational culture efforts to see what’s working (and what’s not)
  • Identify the #1 barrier to activating the awesome talents of your people
  • Develop your next three big moves to scale sustainably, hit your profit and impact goals, build awesome employee engagement, and create a culture your people absolutely love

What Clients Say About Our Culture Work

Scott Allan

Twanya Hood Hill

Colin Schilling

Megan Haase

"Moementum helped us on our quest to make a great company even better."
Reggie Fils-Amie
President, Nintendo
"I have worked with Moe over the last 10 years during times of big culture change due to either acquisition or new leadership. Her ability to partner with the CEO and executive leadership team with curiosity, vulnerability, and empathy, promotes a culture that can sit in the in-between and successfully get out the other side stronger. The always iterative innovative tools she brings to the table based on her years of experience can be operationalized to support the system. And that is the difference.”
Tia Newcomer
CEO, CaringBridge
"Moe worked with our previously privately-held 75 person company. We have since transitioned to a Fortune 100 entity with 190,000 employees, and I have had the chance to experience culture "experts" from around the world working with our senior management teams. None of them have come close to Moe. She is empathetic without being mushy, and can hit leaders over the head with truth when necessary, which consultants often don't have the courage to do. Moe's work was and still is the best consulting I have experienced., and the group's profitability as a result of her work is the best evidence. I would do it again without question."
Bill Scannell
GM Gypsum Finishing/Certainteed
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