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Build a workplace people love.

Nail culture as a strategic advantage, and revolutionize how your company rolls.

Do you ever feel like you solve one people problem at work - only to have something else pop up?

It’s easy to feel like you’re running around all day patching holes, only to have new ones spring up tomorrow. This running-around-like-a-chicken-with-its-head-cut-off style of leadership is relentless and exhausting. We call it Heroic Leadership, and it has been taught to most of us for the past 100+ years.

Don't be a Heroic Leader.

The central problem with Heroic Leadership is that it puts leaders in a place of scarcity, urgency, and rugged individualism that limits them from seeing the big picture. 

Good People Leaders are like good doctors.

They look for what might be going on behind the scenes. There’s one system that underlies each and every one of your organization systems: CULTURE.

Culture is the water we swim in. It’s how we do things in an organization. Even if you’ve never thought about it before, culture exists in your organization. Driving the right culture is like the healing path the good doctor prescribes: you can’t just pop a pill – you have to put in the work.

None of us want a toxic culture.

So who are the bad apples running these “toxic” companies? Here’s the bad news: they might be everyday leaders like you and me. No business owners or leaders that I have worked with intend to build a toxic culture. But let’s face it, running an organization is tricky and leaders face endless competing demands. Even the best leaders out there can unwittingly fail to build cultural health. It is, after all, invisible.

Maybe you face some of these chronic issues:

  • Employee morale is low and/or engagement scores are dropping or in the basement.
  • Virtual/hybrid work is eroding the feeling of team, community, and “one” company.
  • The open jobs at your company persist, you’ve been ghosted by candidates, and employees already working for you are increasingly overwhelmed.
  • Your leadership team struggles to consistently act in alignment with our organization’s values.
  • You and others lose energy from dealing with chronic complaining, gossip, and whining.
  • You’re stuck wrestling with trying to hold accountability for performance and also being a compassionate leader.
  • Your organization’s values are not often or easily observed in action.
  • You lack people processes that support your desire for performance, hiring, and growth.

You might already know what to avoid, but what should you aim for? As a leader, it can be challenging to know how to measure and manage culture. So it often feels like a nebulous buzzword.

Get the tools you need.

We have helped hundreds of organizations just like yours leverage culture to make their wildest dreams for success come true. Culture transformation is not rocket science, which doesn’t mean it is easy.

What it takes is dedicated focus, transparent dialogue, five key pillars, and sustainable tracking methods. At Moementum, Inc., we have helped hundreds of companies make that ambiguous and invisible thing we call organizational culture their most impactful business lever for growth, change, employee thriving, and results.

After decades of studying and changing culture in hundreds of organizations we’ve streamlined our process into a four-month journey.

We call it The Inside Job™ because culture begins and ends in the beliefs and assumptions that live and breathe within an organization. We have to do the work within to get the benefits of cultural health.

Our Five Pillars:

How It Works

The Inside Job™ takes our established consulting process and puts it directly in the hands of everyday leaders like you. We have these key milestone activities, all facilitated by us working closely with you.

Leadership Team Advance

This multi-day expert facilitated experience with your senior leadership group gets everyone on the same page. We focus on forging unbreakable trust, planning for culture as strategy going forward, and unifying an approach to leading people. We review your mission, vision, and values and/or create a draft and a process for building them with every stakeholder’s input.

Organizational Culture Assessment

Using a comprehensive 3rd party tool, we tap into the voice of every employee to get a snapshot of the state of the current culture at your organization. We work with you to make meaning out of the results and communicate them to everyone to plan next step actions.

Mission, Vision, Values Roll-Out Plan

We work with you to leverage your clear and evocative mission, vision, and values as cornerstones for day-to-day behavior at work for everyone from the top to the bottom.

People Philosophy Template

This important document captures your beliefs and assumptions about your most important asset—the people who work at your organization—and clearly states your aspirational commitment to them for thriving at work.

Culture Handbook Template and Project Plan

Imagine a beautiful, interactive handbook that goes far beyond your traditional Employee Rule Handbook to tell the beautiful story of of your organization to prospective employees, customers, and other key stakeholders. We provide the templates, scripts, samples, and processes to build one that is lovingly yours to share forever.

Culture Sustainability Plan

Culture is how we do things hear and it is a living, breathing dimension of every workplace. It requires regular care and feeding, and in the Inside Job™, we leave you with a roadmap for ongoing activities to consistently breathe life into your unique and living organizational culture.

Tired of implementing endless new people programs and not seeing improved employee engagement, well-being, and traction?

What Clients Say About Our Culture Work

Scott Allan

Twanya Hood Hill

Colin Schilling

Megan Haase

"Moementum helped us on our quest to make a great company even better."
Reggie Fils-Amie
President, Nintendo
"I have worked with Moe over the last 10 years during times of big culture change due to either acquisition or new leadership. Her ability to partner with the CEO and executive leadership team with curiosity, vulnerability, and empathy, promotes a culture that can sit in the in-between and successfully get out the other side stronger. The always iterative innovative tools she brings to the table based on her years of experience can be operationalized to support the system. And that is the difference.”
Tia Newcomer
CEO, CaringBridge
"Moe worked with our previously privately-held 75 person company. We have since transitioned to a Fortune 100 entity with 190,000 employees, and I have had the chance to experience culture "experts" from around the world working with our senior management teams. None of them have come close to Moe. She is empathetic without being mushy, and can hit leaders over the head with truth when necessary, which consultants often don't have the courage to do. Moe's work was and still is the best consulting I have experienced., and the group's profitability as a result of her work is the best evidence. I would do it again without question."
Bill Scannell
GM Gypsum Finishing/Certainteed

Want to see how your organization is doing in being good for people?

Take our Free Index for Human Thriving at Work to get your customized report with action steps you can take today.

The Guide: About Moe

A Personal Invitation from Moe Carrick, Author, Speaker, and Founder/CEO of Moementum, Inc.

I cut my teeth on group work back in the 1980’s using adventure as a catalyst for business transformation. I was an early innovator of designed experiences for culture change with Project Adventure, Inc. and a contributor to the seminal textbook for practitioners and clients seeking transformation, Adventure in Business, An I.M.M.E.R.S.I.O.N Approach to Training and Development. Much of our work then focused on team health and leadership development, both potent levers for results, with organizations like BMW, Kodak, Silversea Cruises, Los Angeles Unified School District, Seattle Children’s Hospital and so many more. In those days, I became obsessed with what differentiates one organization that lasts from one that fizzes out. Check out the story of one company I worked with in Fast Company Magazine for a history lesson.

Over the years, I noticed that the difference between “phenomenal” and “meh” was all about the soft underbelly of business metrics—people and culture. We knew then what we know now—people make companies great—but most organizations lacked the tools needed to meaningfully build a workplace that fully activates the talents of their people for success.

Since then, I have watched organization after organization struggle and sometimes fail due to the messy, imperfect dynamics of organizational culture. And I have seen some completely kick-it and leverage culture as foundational to their customer loyalty, their employee retention, and their lasting profitability.

When that happens, it benefits the people who work there, the company, the communities they serve, and the world.

At Moementum, my team and I have the chops to uniquely help you with our tried and true methods, reliable tools, and expert facilitation.

The Inside Job™ takes everything I have learned, detailed in my three best-selling books on the topic of culture, and organizes it into a practical, straightforward, and transformative 4 month process that helps you make culture change your secret weapon.

Get Started Now

Apply here for a free consultation to bring The Inside Job™ to your company now. In just 4 months, we promise you will build a workplace people love, nail culture as a strategic advantage, and revolutionize how your company rolls.


Most frequent questions and answers

Anytime. The program takes four months from start to finish. We suggest you begin when you feel ready to do the work. It is time.

We will learn more about if The Inside Job seems right for you now and why. We will answer any questions you have about the program and ask some intake questions that guarantee joint success. If your organization is not a fit, we will recommend other steps you can take now.

The core price to bring The Inside Job™ to your organization is $48,000 (or $12,000 a month x4.) There are add-on extra services available for additional cost. We are proud to offer scaled pricing for qualifying non-profits and agencies.

Usually the senior leadership team attends the first 3 day Advance. We also can partner with your internal people/HR leader if they exist. Some activities will be open to all employees.

We offer on-going Coaching and Consulting where it makes sense, for an additional cost. We also offer to build your culture handbook, train your leaders, and measure culture annually for additional costs if relevant.

Virtually and/or at your location.

Absolutely. We never share details about our engagement with anyone without your permission and will sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement before we get started.

Our approach is personalized and hands on. While we use specific tools we have crafted over 30 years, the program implementation is customized to meet your exact needs.  We promise actionable results in just 4 months and we guarantee your culture will benefit.

Reach out and book a free consult to learn more and get your questions answered.

Take action now to ensure the long-term success of your organization.

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