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Why HR Can’t Solve All Your People Problems

Do you need HR? After I tell leaders that they need to focus on their people and their culture, they turn to me and ask, …

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Scaling for Success: A Case Study on Tech Soft 3D’s Growth with Moementum

“If someone said to me, what’s the most important thing that you ever did at Tech Soft 3D that impacted long term kind of success of the company? I’d say that—alongside making a few smart business decisions—it was getting clear on our core values and having a consistent way to continually reinforce them.”

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Two good reasons you don’t need to be afraid of ChatGPT

In case you’ve been living under a rock, “AI” and deep-learning algorithms have made huge advancements in the past year. I mean, just watch ChatGPT …

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3 Things to Stop Doing With Your Team

Leaders everywhere are under increasing pressure to deliver results while fostering trust and connection with their teams. It can feel like an impossible task to …

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