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Two good reasons you don’t need to be afraid of ChatGPT

In case you’ve been living under a rock, “AI” and deep-learning algorithms have made huge advancements in the past year. I mean, just watch ChatGPT ...
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two women sitting on chairs and discussing work topic in large, bright room

3 Things to Stop Doing With Your Team

Leaders everywhere are under increasing pressure to deliver results while fostering trust and connection with their teams. It can feel like an impossible task to ...
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The Sanctity of Work: A mindset for bringing your best to work

I recently sent buckets of old family photos to get digitized. Going through them, I found this: That’s me, the blonde one in the red ...
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One tip for leaders trying to communicate organizational change

What most leaders overlook in their internal communication strategies Leaders need to be able to communicate new changes across their organizations. Yet communication is consistently ...
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