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What We Do = What We Value

Meet Janice. Janice is a lucky woman. She has a family who loves her (and she loves them, too). She works a nice job that ...
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Case study: learning to become an excellent People Leader

Introducing Cassie, a leader who understands the value of a learning mentality. “I have a challenging conversation tomorrow with a colleague,” she said with a ...
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Does your employer know who’s on your team at home? They should.

My husband is a better cook than I am. And—despite the delicious salad dressings and smoked meats he’s known for—sometimes it stings that he’s a ...
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In a Field of False Idols, Where Are the Good Leaders?

I’m tired of leaders who are bad for people soaking up all the press. Recently the news has been full of stories about them. I ...
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