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What Ted Lasso teaches us about caring for our employees at work

I’ve been watching Ted Lasso—and holy cow is there some awesome leadership wisdom in this show. Today I want to talk about a scene that ...
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Get Your Team Moving Again After a Stressful Event

I recently got a new horse. His name is Callahan. Dreamy, right? The problem is we’re both from different planets. Pretty soon after getting Callahan, ...
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How to talk about mental health & suicide at work

As I walked into the office (okay I’m lying, it was a Zoom call), someone asked a very familiar question: “How’re things?” I replied, curtly. ...
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How to audit your meetings (and improve engagement)

I think our record was 7 weeks of continuous cancelations. For most of 2020, my calendar showed the same two meetings nearly every week. On ...
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