The Leading People Program™: Elevating Teams, Delivering Impact

The strength of your organization is measured by the people
who drive it forward every day.

Why are talented individuals walking away?

“I refuse to invest in a job that doesn’t value me as a human being.”

68% of employees feel disengaged and disconnected.

As work paradigms shift, so do expectations. Today’s workforce demands environments that support mental health and foster genuine engagement—a whopping 81% of workers are on the lookout for such places.

In an era where people are seeking more than just a paycheck, they’re leaving environments that fail to engage them on a deeper level. True leadership goes beyond the boardroom—it’s about forging connections that matter.


Enter the Leading People Program™, an investment where it really counts - your people leaders at every level.


Transform the way your organization leads and thrives in today’s dynamic work environment with the Leading People Program™.

It’s clear: traditional approaches to leadership development are falling short in preparing leaders for the human-centric challenges of today’s workplace. People Leadership is a paradigm shift that places human well-being at the core of organizational success. It’s about recognizing the unique value of each team member, fostering a culture of care, and embracing the power of empathy and accountability.

The Leading People Program™

An intensive immersion experience that activates the critical skills your leaders need to bring out the best in everyone on their team, without burning out with individual heroic action.

We equip your leaders with the tools and skills necessary to foster connection, create people-centered systems, and build a resilient, inclusive team culture. The program can be delivered virtually or in-house, in small, high-touch cohorts.

How The Leading People Program™ works:

Our curriculum builds on our proven leadership framework, enhanced by customizations to meet your specific requirements. The core curriculum focuses on three Modules:

Leading for Connection

Cultivating leadership that prioritizes relationships and team cohesion.

MODULE 2 Creating People-Centered Systems

Designing systems and processes that support and enhance team performance.

MODULE 3 Building Team Culture and Resilience

Establishing a culture of resilience, adaptability, and mutual support within teams.

As part of The Leading People Program™, you’ll receive:

  1. More than 16 (7-12 minute long) video lessons and deep-dive content using the Circle platform so participants can access everything anytime
  2. Weekly deep dives with a content expert that includes exercises and application experiences
  3. Weekly Peer Coaching where we practice Solution Discovery Coaching for Growth
  4. A participant handbook
  5. Certificate of Completion
  6. A LinkedIn Badge
  7. A special gift
  8. Individual Emotional Intelligence and Styles Assessment with a 1:1 Coaching session to make meaning out of the data
  9. Optional: Executive Overview for Senior Teams (for additional cost)
  10. Optional: Extended 1:1 Coaching and/or 360 Degree Assessment (for additional cost)
  11. Optional: In-house licensing (for additional cost)

Trusted by a Diverse Array of Leaders

From family-owned businesses to tech startups, non-profits, and beyond, organizations across sectors have transformed their leadership approaches and workplace cultures with The Leading People Program™. They’ve seen firsthand the power of investing in leadership that puts people first.

Jeff Lancial

Cassie Stafford
Senior Manager of Mental Health and Behavior, Willamette ESD

Cody Fritz
VP of Operations Schilling Cider

Karen Taylor Higgins
Executive Director AIA

"We utilized Moementum’s services at Nintendo of America in a number of different contexts—from team development to leadership development to executive coaching. It added value every single time."
Flip Morse
Retired, SVP Administration Nintendo
"The LPP helped me see that I have a leadership style that I can leverage to improve my leadership through the assessments and coaching we received. The connections I made here will carry with me for a lifetime."
Catherine Healey
CEO Flint Design
"What the LPP gave me was a sense of freedom about my role and the systems I interact with. As an HR leader, the pressure can be overwhelming. The LPP gave me a sustainable perspective on leadership."
Mo McGinnis
2023 LPP Grad
"The LPP has taught me to take a pause, breathe and then tackle. I was quick to jump to solutioning, solving everyone's issues and the need to be "liked". It's ok to take a pause, not have all the answers and be vulnerable/transparent bringing one's whole/true self to the workplace."
Ramla Hasanali
"My biggest struggle at the start of the LPP was gaining confidence to delegate tasks to a new team, believing that they had the skills to be able to accomplish the goals. I struggled with the 'figure out as we go' concept, not wanting to set them up for failure. I've become better at this (and have a great team). My struggles have changed since then, and the focus now is on change management."
Mike Lessard
"The biggest struggle was my working relationship with the Exec. Team, because they were making decisions I didn't understand and it was difficult to get my team on board with decisions I didn't understand or agree with. That remains the biggest struggle, but yes, it has changed. I have changed my attitude, approach, and reactions to the situation. I have a new framework for approaching the roadblock, and I feel "unstuck" because I have tools to deal with the struggle."
Katie Harris
"When I started the LPP, one of my challenges was understanding how to balance supporting employees' needs and requests with business needs. Moe helped me to shift my thought process into thinking of the business as another entity that needs to be cared for, not just tasks that need to be completed and deadlines that need to be met."
High Desert Food and Farm Alliance
"The LPP was well structured and having this top of mind for two months was helpful. I think I am a better people leader, a better listener, and am likely able to organize myself and my team more effectively now."
John Giebler

Start Here. Schedule Your Exploratory Conversation.

On a super practical, hands-on call, we will:

  • Review your current organizational culture efforts to see what’s working (and what’s not)
  • Identify the #1 barrier to activating the awesome talents of your people
  • Develop your next three big moves to scale sustainably, hit your profit and impact goals, build awesome employee engagement, and create a culture your people absolutely love

The Leading People Program™ FAQs

Let’s be real.

You and your people leaders actually know a lot already. They are the ones to activate the greatness lurking untapped in your team, supported by state of the art content and expert facilitation.

While I’m honored and amazed by the many, many clients I’ve had the privilege of supporting privately over the years, I can’t help but notice they really did all the work.

In The Leading People Program™ (LPP) we effectively teach leaders how to become their own coaches so they can revolutionize their teams and organizations from the inside out.

Cohort Learning leverages the power of the group to hold accountability and learn together.

We purposefully cap the # of seats available at 30, so we can guarantee that everyone gets the personal attention they need.

We can add your people to a waitlist and let you know when an Open Enrollment session is scheduled, or you can invite suppliers and partners to fill your own cohort to get to the minimum of 10. 

Schedule an Exploratory Conversation for detailed pricing for your organization. We are also pleased to extend scaled pricing for qualifying non-profits and education and healthcare sectors.

Truth bomb: If you’re asking yourself this question, something needs to change.

Overwhelm is the direct precursor to burnout.

Equip your leaders with better tools to manage workload, delegate effectively, and activate the true greatness of their teams. Today is the day to get started.

The Leading People Program™ (LPP) is an intentional sprint. Yes, we ask attendees to do more things on top of everything else they have going on. But only for 8 weeks. LPP will end. And they’ll have new strategies to carve out and preserve time, as well as a concrete plan for leading people so that they can use their creativity, discretion and judgment to solve their own problems.

What you say no to matters as much or even more than what you say yes to. And “no” is something we’ll practice in The Leading People Program™.

Anyone who is leading people in their role, from the bottom to the top.

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