Cut Through the Noise: Opening Your Voice and Your Life



What would it feel like to stand up at work, in your community, or in your personal life with the courage and confidence to say what you want to say?


How powerful would your next presentation be without sweaty palms, knowing that your audience is engaged with your message? Imagine being assertive without seeming bossy, having difficult conversations at work and at home with effectiveness and ease, asking for what you need with candor, conquering your fear of public speaking, and feeling confident voicing your thoughts in meetings.


Join us for Cut Through the Noise: Opening Your Voice and Your Life, a 2-day intensive workshop combining the power of the research-based methodology the The Daring Way™ with internationally acclaimed voice coach Barbara McAfee's Five Elements Framework




This innovative, one-of-a-kind workshop includes:

  1. Two full days of expert facilitation in which Moe Carrick and Barbara McAfee share their combined stories, wisdom and tools.
  2. Dynamic, fun, experiential exercises in which you practice new skills in a safe and supportive group. Yes, we will be making sound together since that is the medium in which a confident voice can best be learned. But rest assured - you will maintain FULL CHOICE in your level of participation.
  3. A reflective workbook to carry your learning forward, starting with real-time observations you make in the workshop.
  4. Two follow-up coaching sessions with Moe or Barbara to help you lock in your learning through immediate practice back home.
  5. A private and beautiful learning setting, including breakfast and lunch, as well as a delightful (optional) evening experience outside.


Handle difficult conversations at work with grace, ask for what you need with candor, and find new ways of accessing the power of your voice to foster connection with others.  



You will walk away from the experience with practical skills in:

  • Understanding what blocks you from expressing yourself
  • Opening up your full voice to access and express your gifts
  • Knowing where to start to speak your truth
  • Practicing vulnerability and courage to foster connection
  • Exploring self-compassion as a lever for learning 
  • Speaking out with grace and humor in whatever setting necessary


Stay tuned for 2016 Open Enrollment dates, or Contact Us to bring Cut Through the Noise to your group or organization! 


About the Facilitators


Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator Moe Carrick will engage participants in exploring the role of courage in speaking up and practicing the essential skill of vulnerability as a tool for being authentic and accepting imperfection. Carrick will utilize the Daring Way™ framework for this energizing session, which is based on the groundbreaking research and work of Dr. Brené Brown. This work helps learners show up and be seen professionally, in relationships, with teams, families and organizations. 

Carrick’s 30+ years of experience helping people to get along at work and have the impact they want makes her an honest, candid, and impactful facilitator, teacher, and coach on the journey to speaking up.




Co-facilitator and internationally acclaimed voice coach Barbara McAfee will provide dynamic, joyful experiences for freeing the power and gifts in the voice. Using the Five Elements Framework – an approach she developed and wrote about in her bestselling book, Full Voice: The Art & Practice of Vocal Presence – Barbara will guide participants to open up more choice and awareness in how they use their voices every day – at work, at home, and in their communities.

A “relentless instigator of aliveness and joy,” Barbara blends lessons from twelve years as an organizational consultant with the transformational power of sound. Watch her TEDx Talk below to learn more about her philosophy.





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