People-Centered Organizations

We help organizations bring out the best in their people, with skill, tact and the knowledge that only comes from experience.


Every organization is unique, and needs specific recommendations and action plans for effective growth and change. We are not traditional, boxy or boring. We believe that organizations must be resilient, sustainable and focused on more than just the bottom line in order to face the challenges of business today. We develop people-centered organizations that allow individuals to shine in a healthy culture.



We approach company and organizational culture holistically. Great culture is the result of compelling vision, effective leadership, effective processes, and engaged team members. We'll help you examine your culture, then develop into the culture you wish you had.





Our interactive strategy meetings and offsite retreats create deep dialogue and reflection. This facilitates potent strategy for the future, rather than just a binder on the shelf. We design and guide your event to ensure that everyone feels heard and clear action items for the future are in place.




Structure creates clarity, accountability and connection within teams. Examining structure reduces confusion, increases engagement, and aids in effective succession planning. Sonario, one of the most powerful tools available to drive scientific, organizational structures that work, powers our practical approach to redesigning structure.


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