The People & Culture Pulse Check

The heartbeat of your business is your people.

Do you have the people and culture you need to support your goals?

In the bustling world of small to medium-sized enterprises, it's easy to get caught up in numbers and outcomes. But it’s actually your people that matter most.

Moe Carrick

Take the People and Culture Pulse Check

The People and Culture Pulse Check is a 5-10 minute survey designed to give you rapid insight into the health of your company culture and the well-being of your employees, along with actionable steps to make immediate improvements.

If you aspire to make your SME not just a good place to work, but a great one, the People and Culture Pulse Check is your first step towards that goal.

Because when you have strategies that support well-being and a healthy culture:

Stop overlooking the most critical measures of success

Why you should look beyond traditional metrics

Survival in business is more than just financial success; it’s about fostering an environment where your people can thrive. To build a resilient and enduring business, it’s essential to measure and nurture the human element of your organization.

Exceptional leaders understand that the secret to lasting success is nurturing the well-being of their team. So, start recognizing, measuring, and celebrating beyond-the-status-quo:

Your People and Culture Pulse Check Results

When you’ve completed the People and Culture Pulse Check, you’ll get a customized report showing the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities you face in achieving human flourishing.


Reveal where you’re already doing a good job of nurturing human thriving (yay!)


Indicate key opportunities for you to develop specific practices that foster human thriving, like developing leaders who are good for people.


Identify the best places to start in the 3 core levers for human thriving at work: culture, people leadership, and teams who care.


Get free resources and guidance tailored to your situation, and take same-day action.

How the People and Culture Pulse Check Works

We’ve interviewed and consulted thousands of clients over the past few decades. During that time, we’ve also conducted wide-ranging surveys (that shaped the foundation for Moementum’s CEO, Moe Carrick’s, 3 best-selling books).

Across all of these data points, we’ve found certain questions that reveal the current strengths and opportunities in leaders’ approaches to human thriving in their organizations. And then…


We partnered with a data scientist and survey research expert to compress all of our knowledge into the 20 most indicative questions


We put those questions into a streamlined online form that only takes, on average, four-and-a-half minutes to complete


Next, we tested it with real leaders across every business sector


Voila, the People and Culture Pulse Check provides you with an immediate and accurate snapshot of how well your organization supports its people!

What Leaders Say About Our People and Culture Pulse Check

“This simple tool saved us time and money in finding the support we needed for our next steps in building our culture.”

Mark, Founder and CEO

“What a fun and easy way to draw attention to where we can focus on our journey to be a great place to work.”

Carrie, SVP People and Culture

“I can’t believe the value we received in our Index For Human Thriving Report—our team is actively taking action on our own and with help that we have needed for a long time but didn’t know where to start.”

Jonathan, COO

Take Your People and Culture Pulse Check

Get instant results detailing how your organization is performing and a tailored set of guidelines to help you begin diving deeper today.

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Start Here. Schedule Your Exploratory Conversation.

On a super practical, hands-on call, we will:

  • Review your current organizational culture efforts to see what’s working (and what’s not)
  • Identify the #1 barrier to activating the awesome talents of your people
  • Develop your next three big moves to scale sustainably, hit your profit and impact goals, build awesome employee engagement, and create a culture your people absolutely love
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