The Rugged Individualist: Character Counts

News Flash: Men are part of a group (men) and they have a culture (male culture). This fact comes as no surprise to everyone except men. 


Understand the key traits of white male culture and how they impact business, relationships and strategy. 

Women and men have been acculturated to not talk about gender dynamics at work, for fear of coming across as insensitive, or playing the "gender card." Confusing gender blindness with equal treatment results in missteps, misunderstandings, disconnection and broken work teams.


It is men’s lack of awareness of their own culture that imperceptibly impedes their ability to build effective partnerships and alliances in business and in life, while depriving them of deeper connection with one another and loved ones. Most men aren't conscious of their own culture, and therein lies the opportunity.


Is the Rugged Individualist curriculum right for me?

This highly engaging, experiential and provocative program is designed for men at all professional levels who are ready to heighten employee engagement, partner across difference, learn essential skills for self-awareness and engage in an in-depth exploration of what "character" means for men in America. 


Key takeaways include (but are not limited to):

  • Gaining a in-depth understanding of the traits of U.S. male culture, and how it can be both an asset when used with honor and a liability when it is invisible or unconscious. 
  • Exploring what "character" means for men as leaders today, amidst dynamically changing business norms. 
  • Understanding the impact of "character" for leaders tomorrow, and knowing how to identify "character" when you see it. 
  • Strengthening the ability to develop (and deepen) effective relationships with men, partners, allies and most especially, successors. 



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