S02 E04 – Breaking Rules with Chris Thierfelder

Have you ever been let go from a job? How was it handled? And how are you feeling about the network you have built to find your next job? For many of us, this is our worst fear, and yet surviving and in fact thriving amidst this tough situation is the name of the game for our brave and smart guest this week, Chris Theirfelder.

After a career spanning 25 years, Chris Thierfelder looked at his accomplishments and realized that the thing he was most proud of was not developing technology but developing people. His consultancy, TWC Group, was founded on the premise that the typical rules for leadership and team development needed to be broken to unlock everyone’s potential to innovate professionally while holding true to their most authentic selves. He has developed a consulting practice focused on aiding both companies and individuals evolve by taking a human-centric approach to business, combining a disciplined focus on mission with emotionally intelligent methods for leading people. Since 2019, he has hosted “A Case of the Mondays,” a podcast for business leaders who don’t mind a little skepticism with their morning coffee. He has talked with academics, executives, entrepreneurs, coaches, capitalists, communists, and even a Buddhist priest about how we can all live and work together, better.

Chris is the author and instructor of the Project Management Masterclass, a proven 12-part program to develop masterful team leaders and get them ready for a career in effective, empathetic leadership. He lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife, Sarah Warman (aka, “The Purpose Provocateur” and host of the “Glad Bitch” podcast) and their dog, Max. Max does not yet have his own podcast.

Today on Let’s Make Work Human

  • We explore the trauma of the Great Depression and its impact on Wall Street;
  • Dive into the power of fiction to build empathy;
  • The difficulty of finding the villain in complex systems;
  • The importance of building a network to find your next job;
  • The idea that good leadership is a skill that can be learned and developed;
  • The importance of thoughtfulness in leadership, even when the news is bad;
  • and more…

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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