S02 E06 – Thriving Outdoors with Tiffany Smith

Are you in the outdoor industry or do you partake in outdoor recreation? Curious about diversity in outdoor activities and how it is shifting and changing? Then this episode is a must-listen. Moe cut her teeth on facilitation as a wilderness guide and adventurer and was involved in the early days in Camber, where our guest today serves as CEO, and the industry has changed considerably since the days when she couldn’t find clothes that fit for working outside.

Tiffany Smith is the CEO of Camber and is dedicated to empowering Outdoor Recreation Economy leaders to build workplaces in which people from all communities, backgrounds, identities, faiths, and worldviews can thrive. She’s a highly accomplished and dynamic executive with a proven track record of 17 years in nonprofit development, strategic planning, marketing, and fundraising. Recognized for visionary leadership and a passion for creating positive social change, Tiffany has dedicated her career to empowering underrepresented groups and communities. Her strategic mindset, coupled with her empathetic and inclusive approach, has made her a trusted leader and advisor.

She is driven by a deep commitment to equity and social impact, Tiffany continues to be a catalyst for change, working tirelessly to build a more just and inclusive society.

Today on Let’s Make Work Human

  • We discuss Camber’s programming and resources to create diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environments in the outdoor retail space
  • We look at what it takes to up-level team skills specifically around DEI
  • We take a closer look at current systems and providing leadership resources and change
  • We examine the need for workplace access and outdoor access for underrepresented groups and the impact of demographic changes on workplaces
  • We discuss what buy-in from leadership and model demonstration of DEI looks like and how to properly resource and measure DEI efforts
  • We explore the importance of amplifying voices in decision-making and of innovation and courage in creating inclusive work environments

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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