S02 E08 – Culture Craft with Craig Forman

We dig all things related to culture at work. And today’s guest has real chops in the realm of culture transformation. For the past decade Craig Forman has been driven by a singular professional purpose: to help the world work better by improving the places we work. He’s worked for and learned from some of the most highly successful and human-focused organizations that helped other companies build healthy, effective workplace cultures.

For six years, Craig helped build Culture Amp, one of the most influential and impactful organizations in the people and culture space. As a Lead People Scientist, he helped organizations collect, understand and take action on employee data, both reliably and at scale.

Craig has collaborated with some of the most innovative figures in workplace culture, including Esther Perel, Adam Grant, Simon Sinek, Claude Silver and Patti McCord. Additionally, help conceive of and build Culture Amp’s award-winning global community, Culture First. Growing from one chapter in 2019 to 100 global chapters by 2022, we brought together a worldwide community of people who believe a better world of work is possible.

He now brings his experience and expertise to more organizations via CultureC Consulting to help them level up leadership and create more effective workplaces. Learn why he is called “Culture Craig” and so much more as we riff on the central role of culture to work.

Today on Let’s Make Work Human

  • Explore the story we all told ourselves when COVID first hit
  • Why data matters so much when it comes to culture at work
  • Input factors versus output factors—what even are they?
  • Leadership as a born skill and something that can be learned
  • Why culture and the 82nd Airborne division are related to one another
  • Why masculinity is a topic that matters in the world of work today (not at the exclusion of women and others)
  • How stories live and breath to shape culture

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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