S02 E10 – Moe, Mei and the Internet

This week, we go back to basics: just Moe and Mei talking about the things that capture our attention in the world today. We cover a ton of ground this week, from the “glass cliff” to generational expectations about the quality of life we can afford, and so much in between. One of the things that is the most fun about working together is the chance to explore what is happening and weigh in with how we each see it…sometimes the same and sometimes quite differently. These conversations are enlivening help us each look at things from a variety of angles and learn. We’d love to know what you think after you listen about these trends and issues at work today and our points of view.

Today on Let’s Make Work Human

  • We look at the “Glass Cliff” phenomenon and Elon Musk’s choice of woman CEO for Twitter
  • Why intergenerational friendships matter, including ours
  • Our societal Obsession with productivity and rigid scheduling, how it compares to diet culture and attribution errors
  • The dangers of having one roadmap for success
  • Free will and the fact that we all CHOOSE to work where we work, even though it doesn’t always feel like this
  • Changing financial expectations for success across generations
  • Where we share sadness and fear for future generations
  • The fact that 51% of workers are looking for another job and what that may be indicating

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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