S02 E12 – No-nonsense Coaching with Lisa Martin

Leadership can be a broad brush term that doesn’t mean anytime. This conversation with Lisa Martin puts a clear focus on what great leadership looks like—being an awesome coach. Lisa Martin’s coaching, training, and consulting solutions help organizations cultivate strong leaders and cultures. She’s managed teams, been the youngest and only female partner in a national firm, owned her own companies, and written 5 books on leadership. Clients like HSBC, PwC, and TELUS have described her as a ‘phenomenal facilitator,’ ‘straight-shooting guide’ and ‘no-nonsense coach.’ She lives by the water in Vancouver, Canada.In today’s conversation cover a lot of ground about what it means to be coach-like, why it matters, and a simple framework for coaching conversations for everyone. Plus we laugh out loud at human foibles and challenges we all share.

Today on Let’s Make Work Human

  • The difference between a coach-like leader and a regular leader
  • The importance of leaders understanding coaching, mentoring, teaching, and helping as different tools in their toolkit
  • Misconceptions about coaching and the importance of not confusing it with counseling
  • The value of being a coach-like leader and how it can make a leader’s life easier and their team happier
  • The coaching formula, a simple framework for effective coaching conversations
  • Reasons why leaders may not choose to be a coach-like leader, including lack of time and lack of confidence in their skillset
  • Importance of investing time in leadership and coaching to avoid expensive and emotionally challenging cleanup down the line
  • Discussion of the role of people leaders and the importance of being in the right job

Resources Mentioned in the Show

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