S02 E13 – Dare to Disrupt with Zenica Chatman

In this episode, Executive Coach Zenica Chatman talks about her experience with workplace trauma related to race and how it led her to create a program called Dare to Disrupt in support of real healing. We discuss the importance of accomplices, rather than just allies, in creating a healthy workplace culture and explore the role everyone plays at both preventing workplace trauma and helping heal from it. We actively examine how every people leader can listen to people of color on their teams and to create a culture that is inclusive and supportive.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Bullying at work
  • How to be an accomplice to colleagues of historically marginalized groups
  • What we can learn from our own enculturation
  • Common mistakes and missteps insiders make at work
  • How to care and make room for ourselves!


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