S02 E14 – A Healthy Future for HR with Brandon Laws

This is a conversation about something we all wonder about: the ever changing and complicated role of HR at work. The conversation discusses the challenges faced by HR departments right now, including compliance, administration, and the need to balance day-to-day tasks with long-term strategy. The importance of building a healthy culture from the beginning and listening to employees is something we talk about in depth. We also examine the need for HR to be an enabler rather than a centralized admin unit and we touch on the role of organizational development in creating healthy cultures and the need for leaders to take responsibility for people and culture. Let’s dig in!

Today on Let’s Make Work Human

  • The role of HR in the past and today
  • Ai! oh my!
  • What HR leaders can do to prep for the future
  • What HR leaders can do to improve the hard things now
  • Ideas for how to be most courageous in HR right now
  • Moe has a new proposal for how HR should actually be positioned in companies. Pass it on!
  • The twists and turns of big changes that lead to careers


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