S02 E15 – Won’t Work for Jerks with Scott Allan

In this episode Scott Allan, former CEO of Hydroflask and Interim CEO of PuffinDrinkware. discusses his retirement plans and how they went a little off the rails. We talk about the risks he took and the twists and turns of his career. Scott talks about the importance of building a company culture from the inside out and the challenges of leading across differences. We talk about his excitement for the future of work, particularly the drive for justice and fairness. He uncovers what it is REALLY like in startup world right now. and we hear about his latest venture, Puffin Drinkwear. We loved working with Scott at Hydroflask and with Puffin, and this episode shows why!

Today on Let’s Make Work Human

  • Company culture is important and how you build it is VERY important
  • Retirement?
  • Choosing the hardest thing for the sake of the unknown outcome
  • What Scott sees as the landscape of startups right now
  • Leadership: what does that even mean?
  • Not working for Jerks


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