S02 E16 – Re-Imagining Healthcare and Wellness with Dr. Kanika Sims

Moe and Mei and Dr. Kanika Sims discusses prioritizing self-care, including exercise, sleep, and saying no to overworking in the healthcare industry. Dr Sims emphasizes the need for medical providers to set boundaries and prioritize themselves in order to provide better care for their patients. She also shares guidance and ideas about how to begin to take care and what really should be at the top of the priority list when it comes to self care. Dr. Sims also shares about her book, “Diversity is not a Dirty Word,” which focuses on creating non-toxic, inclusive workplaces to improve healthcare outcomes.Dr. Kanica Sims, a physician and founder of Invest Inclusion, aims to address healthcare disparities for Black people in the USA through re-imagining healthcare and wellness. With over 18 years of medical practice, she is also an assistant professor of Medicine at Morehouse School of Medicine, a public health expert, speaker, best-selling author, wife, and mother.

Today on Let’s Make Work Human

  • Self care. For real.
  • The state of working in health care today.
  • Dr. Sims’ career journey.
  • An example of anxiety and being able to move forward anyway
  • Why medical providers need to take care of themselves to care for us
  • Health as a birthright for all


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