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Activate Culture, Unleash Profit

Businesses are vibrant, living systems. It’s the people within them that drive greatness.

When People Thrive, Businesses Boom

At Momentum, Inc., we champion the extraordinary potential of your team – not merely as the backbone but as the powerhouse of your business. We recognize that aligning every individual’s efforts and nurturing their best selves is a complex challenge. After all, people are not machines; their potential is boundless yet intricate.

Our approach is to equip you with bold, actionable strategies that transform your operations, elevating profitability and impact.

Prepare to ignite the potential within your company with Momentum, Inc. It’s an invitation to harness the energy of your team and catapult your organization to not only be a market contender but a force for good.

Core Programs

Leading People Program™

Our premier 8-week training course in People Leadership. Boost your confidence and ability to inspire and engage your team with our proven framework and practical coursework designed to enhance your people leadership skills and impact.

The Inside Job™

Our signature organizational culture solution tailored for entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior leaders. Understand the essence of ‘culture’ and its significant impact on your organization’s success. Learn how to effectively influence and shape your workplace environment with our expert guidance and tools.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

You need to capture and keep people’s attention. Every one of my events is custom-built to engage your specific audience. Want to inspire new energy and hope in your workforce?

Revolutionize Your Workplace for an Amazing Future

Leave behind the era of rigid work schedules and hierarchical directives. The future calls for innovation and flexibility, and with Moementum, Inc., you’re poised to answer. We break away from the trappings of mediocrity, championing the notion that thriving organizations beat with the pulse of their people.

Our stance is clear: rather than conforming to the paths laid by corporate giants, we guide you to carve your own. You’re not meant to mimic the Googles or Apples of the world; your enterprise is distinct, with its own set of challenges and possibilities. We’re adept in recognizing and nurturing the unique dynamics of businesses like yours.

Through our strategic consulting, coaching, and learning services, we’ve been fanning the flames of innovation within leaders and teams since 2001.

Our commitment to you is a partnership that moves beyond traditional consultancy. We are your fierce allies, co-creating workplaces where individuals feel valued, connected, and purposeful. It’s about fostering an environment where every day is an opportunity to inspire, engage, and excel.

With Momentum, Inc., every step is a leap towards a future where work is not just a place but a space where everyone, including your business, emerges victorious.

As savvy leaders invest to tap into the advantages of a healthy culture and highly engaged teams, it’s imperative that they work with a partner like Moe.

Scott Allan, Former Global General Manager, Hydro Flask
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