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Get the tools, support, skills, and mindset you need to bring out the best in your most important asset for success—the people in your team or organization. People make organizations great, but people working together is rarely simple nor static.

Core Programs

Leading People Program™

Our premier 8-week training course in People Leadership. Boost your confidence and ability to inspire and engage your team with our proven framework and practical coursework designed to enhance your people leadership skills and impact.

The Inside Job™

Our signature organizational culture solution tailored for entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior leaders. Understand the essence of ‘culture’ and its significant impact on your organization’s success. Learn how to effectively influence and shape your workplace environment with our expert guidance and tools.


Hone your People Leadership skills with our dotdotdot program. Each month, you’ll engage in live coaching sessions, accessing essential tools, practical insights, and unwavering support aimed to enhance your leadership abilities. Along with this, you’ll have access to a wealth of downloadable resources specifically curated to enrich your learning. With comprehensive accountability exercises to keep you on track, this program ensures sustained growth and momentum in your leadership journey. Invest in your continued development today and witness your leadership skills flourish.

On-Demand Programs

On-Demand for Customized Delivery

Customize a suite of support services based on our proven offerings, tailored to meet your specific needs over time—we’ll act as an ongoing ally in mastering people and culture dynamics.

Keynote Speaking

Keynote Speaking

You need to capture and keep people’s attention. Every one of my events is custom-built to engage your specific audience. Want to inspire new energy and hope in your workforce?

As savvy leaders invest to tap into the advantages of a healthy culture and highly engaged teams, it’s imperative that they work with a partner like Moe.

Scott Allan, Former Global General Manager, Hydro Flask
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