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People's attention is your most valuable asset.

Events and Workshops

Every one of our events is custom-built to engage your audience.

Do you want to:

  • Inspire team connection, energy, and optimism in your workforce?
  • Inject people leaders with new perspectives that also keeps them from burning out?
  • Build mindsets that focus on people and culture as the answer not the problem?

That recycled slide deck isn’t doing the trick. We deliver unforgettable conference keynotes, transformational discussions, and life-changing workshops.

Speaker Reel

How many days have you wasted in boring presentations?

If you’ve experienced one of my events, you know it’s more like a thrill ride than a lobotomy.

You see, I started my career guiding youth and adults in the wilderness learning about leading, partnership, and how to do hard things. Our classrooms were the slopes of North America’s tallest peaks and thickest forests.

Hidden away in the woods, I learned to engage even the most unwilling participants. One of the first lessons we taught was that your attention could kill or save you in the wilderness.

Ignored the weather? That’s bad news when the lightning strikes.

Among my students, I knew that their attention was my most valuable asset. We needed everyone’s eyes on the challenges in front of us. So, too, in everyday life, people’s attention is your most valuable asset.

Recent Topics

Some of the types of talks I’ve been most successful with are:

  • delivering unforgettable conference keynotes.
  • moderating transformational discussions and conflict resolution with groups or individuals.
  • facilitating life-changing workshops.

The titles below are from recent events I’ve spoken at:

Show Up and Lead People!

It’s time to show up and lead. In the post-pandemic work context, leaders are under increasing pressure. Old models of what a good leader looks like and acts like need to hit the road, making way for new models that highlight connection, transparency, and agility.

This is an action-packed presentation targeted at leaders of any level. Attendees will walk away knowing what it takes to bring out the absolute best in their precious people now and tomorrow without having to be a super-hero.

Self-Care + Team Care = Healthy & Cohesive Teams

We all know by now that self-care matters, and we have an awesome framework for the essentials. But without team care, self-care falls flat.

This presentation takes a radically compassionate look at achieving better performance. Your teams need to have unbreakable bonds and high trust to perform well, and your leaders need to empower creative solutions for building both with less problem-solving and more buy-in.

We explore the SHELTER Model, the Wheel of Team Care, and the steps it takes to build mutually satisfying relationships where everyone shares a common purpose and is in the same boat, paddling together.

Love Your Job

Let’s face it. Work is… work. It isn’t easy, but does it need to be so da*n hard? Today, more than ever, employees have options and are discerning what really matters to them about the jobs they accept. They want their lives to work and employers are burdened with figuring out how to engage and enliven the people who work there.

Imagine if everyone, including you, went to work energized and engaged, waking up fresh and ready to go.

This workshop empowers audiences to rewrite their scripts about what work means.

Find out what’s important to you and your people. We spend more time working than we do just about anything else. Why not thrive there?

Carry On

Bouncing Back? Or not. A workshop for bravely carrying on with joy (even when it’s hard.) Let’s face it. The last few years have been hard on all of us.

First, the global pandemic. Next, the many systemic and operational challenges faced by organizations large and small caused by the pandemic. And finally, the stressors of life itself raining down as we try to go on about our day-to-day lives. Geesh.

The result lately is often burnout, overwhelm, and stress. So, what to do besides turn on Netflix, numb out, and just hope tomorrow is better? While there are no easy answers, there are tools and techniques within our grasp that can meaningfully help us individually and together. This interactive workshop will provide the chance to come together for connection, learning, and inspiration.

Making Work Good

We can design human thriving into how we build our companies and organizations. It takes courage and a willingness to debunk outdated notions of what works. This potent and mind-shifting keynote is for people leaders who need to break out of old paradigms to attract, keep, ad leverage the greatness of the people they need to get results tomorrow.

Ready to transform your leadership event?

What Our Clients Say

Moe has this really good sense of what the audience needs, and that's not something you can just have somebody pop in and do casually, it's somebody who has to care and be paying attention and engaged.

Shannon Stowell, CEO Adventure Travel Trade Association

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