Step-Up Online is in Beta Test. We will launch the on-line version of this proven and innovative curriculum for front-line leaders, in October, 2016. 

The purpose of Step-Up is to liberate managers from spending time doing the work of their employees.

By doing this, they are more able to do their own work, which ultimately advances the goals and strategic objectives of their organizations faster and better.

The goal of front-line leaders should be to create more independent, effective employees who are able to successfully use their creativity, discretion and judgment to the fullest. 


Step-Up helps front-line leaders accomplish this by teaching tools for:

•  Diagnosing and assessing performance gaps related to employee competence, confidence or motivation, and addressing them either directly or by allowing natural consequences to be the teacher.

•  Using developmental coaching as a tool to ask questions and promote the thinking of those you supervise.

•  Giving quick, effective feedback that employees can act on and use without feeling panicked, shamed or blamed.

•  Monitoring the role and accountabilities of your employees to make sure everyone is working at or near their highest and best use.

•  Monitoring YOUR role and accountabilities to make sure YOU are working at or near your highest and best use, and to identify barriers when you are not.

•  Maintaining the human relationship with those you manage so they trust you and are willing to listen to you.

•  Using group tools like check-ins and well run staff meetings to elevate the performance of your work group.


The Step-Up program helps people grow and see beyond their individual limits - how they can lead and positively influence their teams and others with simple actions. 

Past Step-Up Participant


Front-line managers have a larger impact on employee job satisfaction than any other group. The employees they supervise are often the closest to the product or customer, and they are under heavy pressure to deliver as fast and efficiently as possible. 


They are tasked with managing two to three times as many employees as their bosses are - yet, they receive the least amount of training and preparation compared to any other managerial group.



Front-line leaders are agents of transformation.


Giving them the tools to inspire followership, and unite their direct-reports under the mission and vision of the organization has an enormous impact on employee performance and therefore the bottom line.




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