Step-Up Online

The purpose of Step-Up Online is to liberate managers from spending time doing the work of their employees. Step-Up teaches front-line supervisors to develop the people they manage into independent thinkers who can solve their own problems. 


The Result?

More engaged, more effective, more satisfied work teams who contribute to the goals and strategic objectives of their organization faster and better. 


Who is Step-Up Online Designed For?

Step-Up Online is beneficial for current front-line or customer-facing supervisors, or for individual contributors who are getting ready to step up into a manager role.

Step-Up Online provides the same curriculum as our in-person, high impact front-line leadership program, but with the convenience and accessible price of online learning. 


Step-Up Online inludes 6 Lessons:

  1. Why Front-Line Leaders Matter
  2. The Role of a Step-Up Leader: bringing out the best in people
  3. "Know Thyself": Self-awareness and building connections that matter
  4. Building Employee Confidence: helping people solve their own problems
  5. Developmental Coaching: helping employees work independently
  6. Accountability & Performance Management

Each lesson contains an introduction video, pre-recorded webinar, and workbook with interactive activities. The course is designed to be completed at a pace of 1 lesson per week.


In addition to the Lessons, Step-Up Online includes:

  • The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile assessment, and one-on-one phone call debrief with a Step-Up coach to examine your personal work style.
  • The opportunity to earn a Step-Up Certificate by passing a Mid-term quiz and Final Exam.
  • Extra (optional) resources we have hand-picked to give you more information at the end of each lesson.
  • Continuing tips and support after you finish the course. 


What You Will Learn

  • Problem solving methods that really work
  • Key skills for developing emotional intelligence and empathy with the people you supervise
  • The three primary things that limit employee performance
  • The best way to motivate employees 
  • How to understand the human relationship to build trust with your employees 
  • Tools for self awareness and understanding the impact of your leadership style
  • Developmental coaching skills to help your employees learn, grow and solve their own problems
  • The link between accountability and performance management
  • and much, much more! 


Step-Up Online is in Beta test.

The full release will be in October, 2016! 


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