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Our amazing clients are incredibly diverse. They include family-owned businesses, tech start-ups, nonprofits, companies that make stuff, adventure travel businesses, hospitals, schools, trade organizations, agencies and many more. We want to partner with you for the longer haul to help you with your heavy lifting.

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Collin Schilling, CEO and Founder of Schilling Cider shares the role Moementum has played over several years in building a vibrant culture during massive growth.

Former CEO/General Manager of Hydroflask, Scott Allan, shares how Moementum helped his company do the hard work of building a leadership team that can do the hardest things.

Chamber of Commerce CEO Katy Brooks shares the many ways Moementum has enhanced the business community with leadership and culture events and workshops pre, during, and post-Covid.

Karen Taylor Higgins serves as the Executive Director of the American Institute of Architects and speaks of her specific benefit gleaned from Moementum’s Leading People Program™.

CEO of the Adventure Travel Trade Association addresses his many years of hiring Moe for speaking and facilitation and the benefits he has seen personally for her and her team’s work.

Jeff Lancial, Director of Product Design and Development at Rumpl.


What Our Clients Say

"Moementum has literally changed how we do everything in the realm of culture and leadership for the better."
Twanya Hood Hill
VP People and Culture TechSoft 3D
"Moe is one of the most authentic and sincere human beings to work with. I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with her on various initiatives and those times have always proved to be refreshingly candid, productive and fun."
Shannon Keith
CEO and Founder of Sudara
"Moe worked with our previously privately-held 75 person company. We have since transitioned to a Fortune 100 entity with 190,000 employees, and I have had the chance to experience culture 'experts' from around the world working with our senior management teams. None of them have come close to Moe. She is empathetic without being mushy, and can hit leaders over the head with truth when necessary, which consultants often don’t have the courage to do. Moe’s work was and still is the best consulting I have experienced, and the group’s profitability as a result of her work is the best evidence. I would do it again without question."
Bill Scannell
GM Gypsum Finishing/Certainteed
"I would recommend Moe Carrick. I’ve seen her work and can attest to her fabulousness. Moe can stand in front of a crowd of strangers and quickly connect with them as she leads them through a human approach to leadership. She is exceptional at creating a shared understanding of how vulnerability is one’s greatest asset. She’s been a keynote at our events in Bend and has been a terrific resource."
Katy Brooks
CEO of Bend Chamber of Commerce
"Yes to Moe Carrick- and I say that with having watched her lead with heart and head since 1999!"
Shannon Stowell
CEO Adventure Travel Trade Association
"Moe has supported me personally as well as my colleagues at Volcanoes Safaris over many years. As a pioneering organization operating in two post-conflict countries with staff from many different ethnic backgrounds, we have faced many challenges. As a mentor, Moe is sensitive, insightful, practical and frank. She calls it out as it is with all in an organization. She helps you see, grow and rise to new challenges in a direct and compelling way."
Praveen Moman
Founder, Volcanoes Safaris
"We utilized Moementum’s services at Nintendo of America in a number of different contexts—from team development to leadership development to executive coaching. It added value every single time."
Flip Morse
Retired SVP Administration, Nintendo
"Our company has been relying on Moe and the team at Moementum for nearly a decade. During that time, Moementum has been hugely impactful to my development as a leader as well as the development of the organization. Her work to help us diagnose and cure our issues at the top level unleashed the creativity and impact of people across all levels of the organization. The fact that our business results began to accelerate just after beginning to work with Moe is far more than correlated. I’m certain it was causal. One sure sign of the value Moe adds is that whenever Moe facilitates one of our executive team sessions, the group immediately wants to know when she is coming back again! I would recommend Moe to any individual or organization looking to transform their leadership to drive business results."
Ron Fritz
CEO, Tech Soft 3D
"Moe’s insights into executive-level relational and leadership dynamics are exceptionally helpful in moving senior teams toward greater functionality, respect, and effectiveness. She has assisted me with two separate management teams generating profound results."
Mike Morford
CEO, eFormed Partners
"Moe’s ability to partner with the CEO and executive leadership team with curiosity, vulnerability, and empathy promotes a culture that can sit in the in-between and successfully get out the other side stronger."
Tia Newcomer
CEO Caring Bridge
"I feel so fortunate to have had Moe there to help guide me in my 30 year career in financial services. Moe was able to help with team building, preparation for tough performance counseling and feedback sessions, practice sessions before a big presentation, and handling difficult conversations with peers, team members and business leaders. The best thing I always appreciated about Moe was her candid and practical approach. I don’t do well with academic, philosophical and theoretical so we worked well together. Moe’s business acumen helps with many situations and as a bonus, much of her advice can be utilized in your personal life!"
Marietta Cozzi
Retired VP, HR Prudential

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