The dotdotdot

Get ongoing support, encouragement, and practical tools for the hardest job out there: People Leadership.

Many People Leaders struggle with the messy, imperfect dynamics on their teams.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You often feel alone in handling confounding human situations.
  • You spend endless hours thinking through people issues and are unsure where to start.
  • You feel tired and maybe even burned out.
  • You feel like you’re stuck in the middle, expected to make meaning between directives from the top and the rest of the organization.
  • You want to lead others well but sometimes can’t seem to build your team.
  • You like leading people but miss the content and structure you had in a training or workshop you went to, like the Leading People Program™.


Getting regular, cost-effective input from experts, professional coaching from a neutral 3rd party, and support from people who have been there before.

People Leadership is a journey, not a destination. You can also do better. Your biggest tool for success—that’s your capacity to show up—could always use a little refinement.

While in-depth training and 360 assessments help with remediation and short-term improvement, they’re no substitute for the little efforts and learnings that happen along the way.

It’s the slow application of intention and care that generates consistent results.

Sometimes you need a minute of coaching or learning, not a full-blown coaching contract. And sometimes, when you most need support, you can’t wait for weeks to get access to your mentor or a new course—you need help now.

How much energy could you save if you had regular, consistent peer support so that you did not have to assist with every challenge your people face heroically?

This need for on-going support is why we built the dotdotdot.

Regular practice is good for everything and everyone. Steady coaching and peer cohort learning trumps occasional week-long conferences every single time.

Who the dotdotdot is for:

  • Anyone leading people who wants regular peer support and a community that cares about their success
  • Anyone seeking on-going coaching with a limited budget
  • Any organization seeking to support People Leaders at all levels with on-going, monthly resources and live support

The dotdotdot

In creating The dotdotdot, we were inspired by the ellipsis in literature – a sequence of dots that represents an ongoing thought or idea — our program embodies the belief that the journey of leadership development is never truly complete; it is an evolving process that extends beyond the confines of any single training or program.

In The dotdotdot, we embrace the notion that the end of formal leadership development, including our signature program, The Leading People Program™. is not a period, but an ellipsis. It’s not a full stop, but a bridge to the next chapter in your leadership development. With The dotdotdot, we recognize that the application, the growth, and the evolution of leadership skills are ongoing.

Each session within The dotdotdot is an opportunity for Members to:

    • Reflect on their progress and the areas where the story of their leadership is still being written,
    • Explore the spaces in between – the challenges, successes, and the ‘what’s next?’ that keep all of us striving for excellence,
    • Connect the dots of experiences with the collective wisdom of the group, providing richer, more nuanced learning,
    • Expand on the narrative of their leadership journey, adding depth and layers as they continue to write their own story.

In the spirit of the ellipsis, The dotdotdot program is not about providing all the answers. Instead, it is about facilitating the right questions, encouraging reflection, and promoting continuous conversation.

It is a space where People Leaders can bring unfinished business, aspirations, and unresolved challenges to a group that offers support, insight, and accountability.

Included in the dotdotdot:

  1. Monthly LIVE Facilitated Coaching with Peer Cohort Learning.
  2. Exclusive access to quarterly LIVE events with Moe and experts on relevant topics.
  3. A new tool template and resource and recorded Masterclass for People Leadership delivered to your inbox monthly.
  4. Access to our on-line Circle Community to engage anytime with other members.

Leading people doesn’t have to be confusing, lonely, and stressful. In the dotdotdot we make it fun, enlivened, and supportive.

You are not alone and you are enough to do this job.

What Clients Say

"This program has given me tools to manage people in a better way that will actually increase our productivity as a department and provide a bigger impact."
Program Participant
"I am learning that I'm the agent of change in my own life, personal and professional, and I already have access to all of the tools I need to be successful as a people leader"
Program Participant
"Before this program, I was quick to jump to solutioning, solving everyone's issues and the need to be "liked". It's ok to take a pause, not have all the answers and be vulnerable/transparent bringing one's whole/true self to the workplace."
Program Participant
"I look forward to our sessions every time and would not miss them for anything. I get real-time coaching, feel less alone, and get tools that I can apply in my role right away. Totally worth it!"
Program Participant

Our dotdotdot Coaches

Moementum team member Mei Ratz

About Mei

Mei Ratz found the title “creative” hidden in her childhood among the Wind River Mountains. She traced out her love for creating connections on worn-out topographic maps and discovered a knack for problem-solving after frequently shooting her hand into the air to ask the hard questions. Now, several years later, Mei has replaced those worn-out maps with a degree in Communication Design—racking up awards with prestigious outlets such as National Geographic.

Moementum founder Moe Carrick

About Moe

Moe Carrick is an internationally respected pioneer in the study and practice of workplace culture.

Her award-winning frameworks and tools have been used by some of the country’s most recognized brands such as Nike, Nintendo, Amazon, Hydroflask and Reddit,  to improve workplace culture, reduce churn and drive business performance. 


Most frequent questions and answers

$249 per month, 6 month minimum commitment then monthly. Click here for your secure payment portal.

All participants sign a non-disclosure agreement with clear expectations for sharing outside of the dotdotdot. We also reinforce the formal agreement with regular ground rules setting expectations for confidentiality at all times.

The dotdotdot is open to everyone after a short application is completed. Hosts reserve the right to cancel anyone’s membership at any time if community agreements are not followed.

We meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 9-10:30 am PDT.

We do not record these sessions because the magic happens in the moment. We meet once a month and it is worth being there live.

Get ongoing support, encouragement, and practical tools for the hardest job out there: People Leadership.

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