what makes us different?

Our mission is to help develop great leaders, resilient organizations, and connected partnerships to                          solve the world's big problems. 
Our vision is to create a world that works for everyone, using business as a force for good. 

How we work - the IMPACT model of sustainable change:

the impact model of sustainable change


1. Initiate 

The first step in sustainable change is recognizing that an opportunity for growth exists. When you initiate a partnership with us, we are there for you and ready to support your journey of meaningful change.

2. Measure 

We use high-quality assessment tools and stakeholder interviews to help us answer the question, “what is really happening here?” With together, we paint a comprehensive picture of the starting point for our work. This allows us to plot the desired impact over time. 

3. Plan 

We work with you to co-create a plan for unique, sustainable interventions that meet your timing and budget, positioning ourselves alongside you as strategic advisors for solutions you own. 

4. Act 

We utilize our services and processes, while leveraging the talent you have within your company to implement the plan. 

5. Confirm 

We re-evaluate by benchmarking against initial assessments and engaging in honest conversations. This helps us to ensure that the approach is working and the desired results are achieved. 

6. Transition 

Knowing that real change means leaving the organization stable, confident, energized, and not dependent upon a consultant, we create our own exit plan – though we are here “as needed” support going forward! 




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