Is Women Who Dare for me?

This intensive workshop is designed for professional women at all levels. The combination of Brené Brown’s impactful, research-based model and curriculum, The Daring Way™, with Moe Carrick’s engaging, warm, and provocative style will ensure that you take with you practical skills to apply as you change the world through your professional life! 


With Women Who Dare you will...

  • Explore how the pursuit of perfection drives women to hustle rather than strive and thrive.
  • Understand the role shame plays in triggering behavior that hurts rather than helps.
  • Learn essential tools for developing a courage practice, utilizing vulnerability as strength.
  • Study 10 guideposts for wholeheartedness in building resilience.
  • Generate connection, compassion and abundant courage in showing up as your authentic self.
  • Share creative reflection and heartfelt, honest conversations about what it means to have it all as women, and how to feel "enough" in all that you do. 
  • Savor private time to explore the forces that keep you from being vulnerable when it really counts, and to activate the kind of connections that matter. 


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