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Receiving Feedback – Six Scary Words That Make Me Sweat by

“Would you be open to some feedback?” may be the six scariest words I know. It’s embarrassing to admit what a mess I can be about feedback. I teach this stuff. They’re just words, and so is the feedback that … Continue reading

The Virtue of Consistency by

Is the leadership value of consistency and steadiness a myth, or is it rooted in some data that shows that organizations are better off when run by leaders who take a methodical, steady, strategic approach to guiding the entity? We … Continue reading

7 Mantras That Engage Followers by

The first time I had the responsibility to actually lead people, I can’t remember saying a single thing that felt leaderly. All I was thinking was: “I hope I don’t blow this.” But when our team had it’s first real … Continue reading

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Courage at Work – Overcoming the Slight of Mind of Self Deception by

“Courageous leadership” is such a great expression, but frankly, the act itself scares the crap out of me. Being courageous begins with looking honestly at myself and sometimes that’s hard. Sure, being a courageous leader includes acts such as speaking … Continue reading

Eight Excuses Rookie Managers Make When an Employee “Doesn’t fit-in” And How to Avoid Them by

First things first: THANK YOU to all the bosses who said “no” to me when I asked to re-assign or dismiss an employee because they “weren’t a good fit”. When I was a rookie manager, if I felt like someone … Continue reading

August Update by

In light of the magnitude and volume of geo-political events impacting people around the world last month, we focused our July update on these events and our reactions to them as an alternative to the usual news about us. Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Priceless Passion by

Are you passionate about your work? For me, “passionate” refers to being compelled and driven to do my best work. At its best, my passion makes my work feel like fun. At it’s worst, it can become an obsession that … Continue reading

Brand and Culture: The Rudder and Sails by

When customers interact with a company they are experiencing it’s brand. Culture is what makes brand happen behind the scenes. Culture is the people—their attitudes, values, beliefs and actions at work—who deliver a brand. In great companies, brand doesn’t belong to … Continue reading

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The Business of Climate Change by

“The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the reverse.” –Herman Daly (Economist and Professor at School of Public Policy, University of Maryland) It is an immutable but largely unacknowledged truth that every business on the planet is, … Continue reading

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Anxiety, Workaholism and The House of Work by

What, exactly, is “workaholism”? And what’s the difference between it and simply working hard? More importantly, what can someone who is a workaholic do about it? Leaning the differences between hard work and workaholism goes a long way in increasing … Continue reading

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