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Working With Boomers: A Millennial Perspective by

Moe approached me last week, asking if I could think of a good representative of the millennial generation, someone with experience working with boomers and Gen-Xers. I immediately thought of Sarah Vaira, a friend who graduated in our Leadership cohort … Continue reading

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Practice Makes Better, Forget Perfect by

How did you learn to do what you do? I certainly wasn’t born capable of doing the work I do today. Like most of us, I learned what I now know due largely to the grace and patience of more … Continue reading

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The Value of Growing Old: We Grey Hairs Have a Few Moves Left by

  The worst part of growing old for me is when I feel invisible. It happens in social settings with younger people, 30 and 40 year olds. They seem to talk around me, as if I won’t have anything interesting … Continue reading

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Age difference? How about partnership? by

There is ample evidence that partnership across age differences is a hot topic right now.       I’m less interested in how people of various ages differ; my interest is in how we can partner together. And I need look no further … Continue reading

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Are They Too Young or Am I Too Biased? by

Age bias is a real problem I remember hearing a newly hired customer service director tell me “managing people is one of my areas of expertise”. As he spoke, I thought to myself “there is no way that this guy … Continue reading

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Fathers, Leaders and The Code by

My dad means the world to me and yesterday was his day in my book; a day to celebrate his influence on me and our family. I called him on Father’s Day and after answering my questions about how he … Continue reading

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What’s Missing in Collegiate Leadership Development by

Joining the Moementum team has heightened my awareness of what tools exist for developing leaders at all levels, and has caused me to reflect deeply on my own leadership experiences. Acquiring various tips and tools through working with our clients … Continue reading

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Labor Day: The New (labor) Rules for Millennials by

Yesterday, those of us who live in the US celebrated our Labor Day. While the holiday has become a harbinger for the end summer, the original intent of the holiday was to honor the contributions of American workers to our … Continue reading

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