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#metoo–We Have to Talk About the Nuance by

I feel really mixed feelings about #metoo. Another colleague told me this week about her relief and gratitude at the #metoo phenomenon for bringing into the light of day the chronic gender harassment and bias women experience from men. And … Continue reading

Suicide and Mental Health: What Role Does Workplace Play? by

Conversations around the coffee machine at work rarely turn to our mental health and wellness. Yet I have had at least 6 business clients in the last 10 years who have had an employee suicide during my time with them. … Continue reading

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Jim Morris Transitions Out of Moementum in Pursuit of a More Inclusive World by

Moementum Principal Jim Morris has left Moementum’s day-to-day to accept a role as Chief Consulting Officer at our partner diversity firm, White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP). In the last few years much of Jim’s work has turned towards partnership … Continue reading

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What Mary Tyler Moore Taught Me About Work by

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am not presently a huge fan of television. But as a kid, I watched a lot of it! We used to make popcorn and sit on the floor, pajama-clad, mesmerized right in front … Continue reading

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Women Execs Explore Their “Balancing Act” by

“I think even the term ‘balancing act’ should invite us to do things differently. If we have to act at work, how can we be authentic?” This provocative inquiry from a participant caught me off guard and raised a very … Continue reading

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Blinded By Profit: Lessons from Wells Fargo by

We all read the headlines and say to each other, “Can you believe what happened at Wells Fargo?” The thought bubble we don’t say but often feel is something like, “Those idiots.” We wonder,  how could people lose their way so … Continue reading

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More than a Pretty Face: Strong Company Culture by

“What matters is on the inside.” My young daughter said this aloud as I was fretting about what to wear for a recent public speaking event. Her off-the-cuff encouragement reminded me what my talk was about but also led me … Continue reading

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July Update by

I do not watch the news.  I find it depressing. Jim always does. He finds it helpful. No matter our method of consumption, we talk as a family and as a team at Moementum often and vigorously about current events. This July … Continue reading

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Brand and Culture: The Rudder and Sails by

When customers interact with a company they are experiencing it’s brand. Culture is what makes brand happen behind the scenes. Culture is the people—their attitudes, values, beliefs and actions at work—who deliver a brand. In great companies, brand doesn’t belong to … Continue reading

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Culture: More Than Fitting In by

*A short excerpt from Moe Carrick and Cammie Dunaway’s book, Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job, due out with Maven House Press in 2017 When people describe employee/employer pairings that fail, they often say, “S/he wasn’t a good fit.” … Continue reading

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