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Jim Morris Transitions Out of Moementum in Pursuit of a More Inclusive World by

Moementum Principal Jim Morris has left Moementum’s day-to-day to accept a role as Chief Consulting Officer at our partner diversity firm, White Men as Full Diversity Partners (WMFDP). In the last few years much of Jim’s work has turned towards partnership … Continue reading

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What Mary Tyler Moore Taught Me About Work by

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am not presently a huge fan of television. But as a kid, I watched a lot of it! We used to make popcorn and sit on the floor, pajama-clad, mesmerized right in front … Continue reading

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What Matters to You in 2017? by

TED talks were top of mind for us in 2016. Moe did two of them about a month apart on two different but related topics. Though we don’t refer to her very often as a “workplace expert”, she is, and … Continue reading

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Women Execs Explore Their “Balancing Act” by

“I think even the term ‘balancing act’ should invite us to do things differently. If we have to act at work, how can we be authentic?” This provocative inquiry from a participant caught me off guard and raised a very … Continue reading

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July Update by

I do not watch the news.  I find it depressing. Jim always does. He finds it helpful. No matter our method of consumption, we talk as a family and as a team at Moementum often and vigorously about current events. This July … Continue reading

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The Leadership Lessons of Muhammad Ali (for a White Kid in the 60’s) by

  In his passing, let us celebrate the life and accomplishments of Muhammad Ali—athlete, humanitarian, activist and provocateur. As a child of the 60’s and 70’s, the example he set cast a big impression on me, especially when it came … Continue reading

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Appearance at Work: Who Wears the Load? by

Can we please just talk about my hair for a minute? This month’s theme is Balancing the Juggle (Men and Women) and I’d like to begin the month talking about appearance at work, or, my hair.  See, I got a Mohawk … Continue reading

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Becoming a Positive Possibility by

An Interview with Steve Hummel November 2015 “You have to be a positive possibility in your team’s life. You need to grow them, fertilize them, prune them, protect them from the storms, and then clap when they bloom. And many men … Continue reading

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Tips for Women Working with Men by

I ran a Google search for, “Tips for Women Working with Men,” and the titles that appeared were really frickin’ interesting. It was like reading a secret playbook to a private game: Only Women On The Team: 4 Communication Tips … Continue reading

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Boys Will Be Men: Competition, Rank and Status at Work by

“Competition is good for our culture,” the General Manager told me. Yet, I was looking at some culture data, corroborated through personal interviews, that indicated competition was good for some people in the company’s culture, but not most. People referred … Continue reading

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