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Suicide and Mental Health: What Role Does Workplace Play? by

Conversations around the coffee machine at work rarely turn to our mental health and wellness. Yet I have had at least 6 business clients in the last 10 years who have had an employee suicide during my time with them. … Continue reading

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We Used to Love Each Other: How Co-Founders Can Avoid Breaking Apart by

The majority of startups fail because of founder conflicts. Follow this advice to help safeguard the most important business relationship. Repurposed from article in Conscious Company Media, MAY 12, 2017 Two best friends decide to start a business together — their … Continue reading

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Crying at work? Emotions matter. by

Tears at work freak everybody out. People tell us that they worry that tears at work will make them appear weak and that when someone cries in their presence they just don’t know what to do to help. Tears make … Continue reading

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July Update by

I do not watch the news.  I find it depressing. Jim always does. He finds it helpful. No matter our method of consumption, we talk as a family and as a team at Moementum often and vigorously about current events. This July … Continue reading

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Calling on Courage by

Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage. -Anais Nin Most often, people cite fear as the central struggle they have when giving feedback or engaging in difficult conversations with colleagues. The thinking goes like this: “I don’t want … Continue reading

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Feedback – Not Yet! by

Sure, feedback is a “gift”, but only when we are able to give our attention to the person who needs it at a time when they are able to receive it; in other words, only when the feedback timing is … Continue reading

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Tell The Truth by

It is amazing to me how hard it is for us to really tell the truth at work. I don’t mean that we lie. I mean that when it comes to talking about the hard stuff most of us tend … Continue reading

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The Attitude of Living to Work by

Do you live to work or work to live? The dichotomy forces us to choose: are we highly motivated about work in itself, or do you view work as a necessary means toward an end? Neither perspective is right or … Continue reading

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At the Edge – Team Conflict Do’s and Don’ts by

“I don’t want to talk about it, trying to work through this will just make things worse” said the Project Manager, who’s 18-month construction project was beginning to unravel before his eyes. “He doesn’t care about the budget, he just … Continue reading

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