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Suicide and Mental Health: What Role Does Workplace Play? by

Conversations around the coffee machine at work rarely turn to our mental health and wellness. Yet I have had at least 6 business clients in the last 10 years who have had an employee suicide during my time with them. … Continue reading

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Receiving Feedback – Six Scary Words That Make Me Sweat by

“Would you be open to some feedback?” may be the six scariest words I know. It’s embarrassing to admit what a mess I can be about feedback. I teach this stuff. They’re just words, and so is the feedback that … Continue reading

Brand and Culture: The Rudder and Sails by

When customers interact with a company they are experiencing it’s brand. Culture is what makes brand happen behind the scenes. Culture is the people—their attitudes, values, beliefs and actions at work—who deliver a brand. In great companies, brand doesn’t belong to … Continue reading

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Lipstick on a Pig: Is Your Organization Running Lean or Merely Short-Handed? by

Many organizations that brag about being “lean” with respect to employees, aren’t. They’re short handed, and saying “lean” when  they are really short handed is like putting lipstick on a pig; you can try and make it look good but … Continue reading

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Stress and the Third Metric by

What eliminates more stress and drives higher productivity in a company: Working on creating an effective structure? Or Building a great culture? In other words, do you get more lift by having everyone understand and operate from core values, or … Continue reading

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The Microsoft Layoff Letter: A 239 Word Alternative by

Last week, Microsoft executive and former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop sent an 1,111 word email to Microsoft employees explaining why the company was initiating the largest layoff in the company’s history. Elop’s email went viral with shocking speed as pundits, employees and … Continue reading

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Employers With Courage by

Last Wednesday night, we convened our first The Daring Way™ workshop, Daring Men—Leading with Courage and Heart. Moe Carrick, Certified Daring Way Facilitator Candidate, led a brave and curious group of men through the opening stages of the Daring Way curriculum … Continue reading

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Reflections on Food, Sleep, and Dynamic Exchange by

I have been in Italy for the last week, working with a client on coaching and partnership skills. It was a challenging series of sessions, as we spent a good deal of time discussing how peers at work can increase … Continue reading

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When is “Constructive Criticism” Helpful? by

This is a perennial question from bosses and leaders, and one that of course has no easy answer. Well what the heck, I actually DO have an easy answer: Never. A mentor of mine once said, “When someone gives ‘constructive … Continue reading

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Un-Certifiable: Looking Courageously in the Mirror by

Two weeks ago, we became certified in the Hogan series of assessments. Hogan is a popular predictive assessment/inventory tool that helps employees and employers determine fit by uncovering some of the values, beliefs and assumptions they hold that may or … Continue reading

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