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Just Two Questions by

I learned a lot in graduate school. I remember endless case studies, readings, and practicums. I participated in countless dialogues and discussions. Much of what I learned all those years again shaped who I am and how I practice. But … Continue reading

Thankfulness Changes My Perspective by

I went to High School on Cape Cod, and as a kid encountered abundant markers, stories, and tales of the first white settlers to make landfall in pursuit of religious freedom and the possibility of prosperity. I often used to … Continue reading

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We Used to Love Each Other: How Co-Founders Can Avoid Breaking Apart by

The majority of startups fail because of founder conflicts. Follow this advice to help safeguard the most important business relationship. Repurposed from article in Conscious Company Media, MAY 12, 2017 Two best friends decide to start a business together — their … Continue reading

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What Matters to You in 2017? by

TED talks were top of mind for us in 2016. Moe did two of them about a month apart on two different but related topics. Though we don’t refer to her very often as a “workplace expert”, she is, and … Continue reading

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Women Execs Explore Their “Balancing Act” by

“I think even the term ‘balancing act’ should invite us to do things differently. If we have to act at work, how can we be authentic?” This provocative inquiry from a participant caught me off guard and raised a very … Continue reading

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Eight Excuses Rookie Managers Make When an Employee “Doesn’t fit-in” And How to Avoid Them by

First things first: THANK YOU to all the bosses who said “no” to me when I asked to re-assign or dismiss an employee because they “weren’t a good fit”. When I was a rookie manager, if I felt like someone … Continue reading

Crying at work? Emotions matter. by

Tears at work freak everybody out. People tell us that they worry that tears at work will make them appear weak and that when someone cries in their presence they just don’t know what to do to help. Tears make … Continue reading

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Anxiety, Workaholism and The House of Work by

What, exactly, is “workaholism”? And what’s the difference between it and simply working hard? More importantly, what can someone who is a workaholic do about it? Leaning the differences between hard work and workaholism goes a long way in increasing … Continue reading

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Two Dimensions of Meaning at Work by

What you do matters. For many years, we used this as our tagline for our firm, and while our tagline has changed, the sentiment remains strong for me. The feeling each of us gets when we are contributing at work, … Continue reading

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The Attitude of Living to Work by

Do you live to work or work to live? The dichotomy forces us to choose: are we highly motivated about work in itself, or do you view work as a necessary means toward an end? Neither perspective is right or … Continue reading

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