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Receiving Feedback – Six Scary Words That Make Me Sweat by

“Would you be open to some feedback?” may be the six scariest words I know. It’s embarrassing to admit what a mess I can be about feedback. I teach this stuff. They’re just words, and so is the feedback that … Continue reading

Steps to Getting a Promotion Without Having to Ask for It by

*This blog appeared as the featured tip in the The Muse on February 22nd  – See more at:   Nobody likes having to actually ask for a promotion. Advocating for yourself is a lot harder than speaking up for others. … Continue reading

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Worth and Women: Is asking for higher pay the real issue? by

Research confirms that women earn less money than men. Despite equal opportunity legislation, assertiveness training, and increased transparency about pay scales to ensure equality, women consistently earn less per hour, per week, per month for the same work, than their male counterparts. Many … Continue reading

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Families on Ice – A Step Forward or Backwards? by

I have been paralyzed about writing this blog. Facebook and Apple recently launched a new employee perk aimed at their young women professionals, providing them with $20,000 in order to freeze their eggs. Created in response to continued evidence that … Continue reading

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Making Meaning, Not Just Making More by

What would it mean if my clients, my colleagues, my friends, and my own firm started asking a very important question differently?  Rather than asking, “How can we make (or do) more?” what if we ask “How can we make … Continue reading

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In Awe by

I have been lacking awe lately, and for me that is a failure of character. By “awe” I mean the feeling of amazement, wonder and admiration that comes over me from simply observing the magnificent. Awe comes to me the most … Continue reading

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Worthiness: Quiet Negative Self-Talk with a Little Self-Compassion by

“The wholehearted are all in.” – Brene Brown As I learn about Brene Brown’s research that culminated in her book, The Daring Way, I am struck by her description of the people she spoke to who feel a profound sense … Continue reading

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The Many Facets of Learning by

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”              John F. Kennedy In the last few weeks I have attended one day with a vocal singing coach, one best practices forum, one 5-day learning intensive, … Continue reading

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Fighting the Dragon by

Joseph Campbell was a famous mythologist and writer who did research about the myths and stories that shape and guide cultures.  Out of his work came the realization that most cultures have a narrative story about a member of the … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone by

I have read the books, seen the TED talks, and have felt that the research Brené Brown uncovered spoke to me explicitly—I have felt in my bones and in my heart that her work on vulnerability rings completely true in … Continue reading

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