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Create the Capability to Change by

We are delighted to feature our colleague Anita Bhasin, Founder and CEO of Sageways Consulting on one of her favorite topics, and ours, AGILITY! It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. … Continue reading

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The Choice to Believe by

“If you don’t like how you’re feeling, change what you are believing.” Great advise, if only it were that simple. Agility and resilience are great concepts; they are holy grails to aspire to for those lucky sorts who are not … Continue reading

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Great strategic planning happens when everyone can ask “What’s my part?” by

If strategic planning isn’t relevant to everyone, it is useless. When clients ask us to facilitate strategic planning we most often work with the senior leadership team, or in the case of non-profits, the Board of Directors. Usually, staff at … Continue reading

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Set Your Intention, Risk Shaping the Future by

  If you work for a business or an organization, what are its big plans for 2016? If you work for yourself, have you set any big hopes or intentions for what you would like to see happen to your … Continue reading

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5 Strategic Planning Pitfalls and their Antidotes by

Thank you @SmartBrief for featuring this blog on December 21! Strategic planning work is some of the hardest work we do with groups. Over the years, we have discovered some consistent dilemmas groups experience in planning – and their antidotes. Read … Continue reading

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Staying On Plan With a Strategic Plan    by

Hearing a CEO say “we are on plan,” as in they are, “staying on their organization’s strategic plan,” is music to the ears of everyone, most especially shareholders. It means the organization and its employees have met key strategic milestones … Continue reading

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Fusing Planning with Doing – Building an Executable Strategic Plan by

Facilitating strategic planning sessions is one of our favorite things to do. With over 20 years or experience at what does and doesn’t work, it is a sweet spot for us. Strategic facilitation engagements give us a chance to practice a … Continue reading

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Families on Ice – A Step Forward or Backwards? by

I have been paralyzed about writing this blog. Facebook and Apple recently launched a new employee perk aimed at their young women professionals, providing them with $20,000 in order to freeze their eggs. Created in response to continued evidence that … Continue reading

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Labor Day: The New (labor) Rules for Millennials by

Yesterday, those of us who live in the US celebrated our Labor Day. While the holiday has become a harbinger for the end summer, the original intent of the holiday was to honor the contributions of American workers to our … Continue reading

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Getting Unstuck by

The problem? The team has heavy lifting in front of them.  As senior leaders of a small non-profit, they are all impassioned about their organization’s mission, as well as committed to performing heroic acts in order to keep serving their … Continue reading

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