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Leading in Fast Growth: Insights from Scott Allan of Hydroflask by

Hydro Flask, a beloved Bend, OR based company acquired by Helen of Troy in March of 2016, continues to grow and thrive as they meet their awesome mission: “Saving the world from lukewarm.” We had the chance to ask Moementum client and … Continue reading

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The Business of Climate Change by

“The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the reverse.” –Herman Daly (Economist and Professor at School of Public Policy, University of Maryland) It is an immutable but largely unacknowledged truth that every business on the planet is, … Continue reading

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Maria Elena: Strategic Alignment with Remote Teams by

Moe recently had the chance to interview friend and client Maria Elena about her work creating strategic alignment across multiple oceans. We sandwiched the interview between a brief biography: Along with her sister, Maria Elena Malpezzi Price co-owns ExperiencePlus!, managing the company her parents founded in … Continue reading

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Great strategic planning happens when everyone can ask “What’s my part?” by

If strategic planning isn’t relevant to everyone, it is useless. When clients ask us to facilitate strategic planning we most often work with the senior leadership team, or in the case of non-profits, the Board of Directors. Usually, staff at … Continue reading

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Advance, Don’t Retreat by

Are you starting to think about a strategy, planning, or team “off-site” for your group in 2014? Good for you, but I beg of you—refrain from calling it a retreat. Consider calling it an advance. I prefer to think of … Continue reading

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