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The Business of Climate Change by

“The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment, not the reverse.” –Herman Daly (Economist and Professor at School of Public Policy, University of Maryland) It is an immutable but largely unacknowledged truth that every business on the planet is, … Continue reading

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Set Your Intention, Risk Shaping the Future by

  If you work for a business or an organization, what are its big plans for 2016? If you work for yourself, have you set any big hopes or intentions for what you would like to see happen to your … Continue reading

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5 Strategic Planning Pitfalls and their Antidotes by

Thank you @SmartBrief for featuring this blog on December 21! Strategic planning work is some of the hardest work we do with groups. Over the years, we have discovered some consistent dilemmas groups experience in planning – and their antidotes. Read … Continue reading

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When Bonuses are a Bad Idea by

Last week, a businessman in Western Michigan named JC Huizenga shared nearly $6M in “thank you” bonuses with the 575 employees of his two companies, JR Automation Technologies and Dane Systems, as he sold them. In his words, “It was very appropriate when we … Continue reading

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Don’t Be an Aars (Attractive Alternative to a Real Solution) by

“Based on these (survey) results, the way forward seems pretty obvious; by focusing on our policies and consistent application of procedures, our culture scores will go up, and so will our quality.” So said a member of the culture development steering team for … Continue reading

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Fusing Planning with Doing – Building an Executable Strategic Plan by

Facilitating strategic planning sessions is one of our favorite things to do. With over 20 years or experience at what does and doesn’t work, it is a sweet spot for us. Strategic facilitation engagements give us a chance to practice a … Continue reading

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Lipstick on a Pig: Is Your Organization Running Lean or Merely Short-Handed? by

Many organizations that brag about being “lean” with respect to employees, aren’t. They’re short handed, and saying “lean” when  they are really short handed is like putting lipstick on a pig; you can try and make it look good but … Continue reading

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Updating the Metaphor by

Dear Everyone: Please stop referring to matters of business and organizations competing with one another as “War”, and please drop the metaphorical reference to winning market share as “killing the competition”. There are real wars people are fighting today, and … Continue reading

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Stress and the Third Metric by

What eliminates more stress and drives higher productivity in a company: Working on creating an effective structure? Or Building a great culture? In other words, do you get more lift by having everyone understand and operate from core values, or … Continue reading

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7 Ways Executive Coaches Elevate Your Game by

Don’t take our word for it – listen to our clients! They really have internalized our messaging. Here’s a guest post from Tech Soft 3D CEO Ron Fritz, who is applying what he learned from Moementum to his company. A … Continue reading

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