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Leading in Fast Growth: Insights from Scott Allan of Hydroflask by

Hydro Flask, a beloved Bend, OR based company acquired by Helen of Troy in March of 2016, continues to grow and thrive as they meet their awesome mission: “Saving the world from lukewarm.” We had the chance to ask Moementum client and … Continue reading

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Culture: More Than Fitting In by

*A short excerpt from Moe Carrick and Cammie Dunaway’s book, Fit Matters: How to Love Your Job, due out with Maven House Press in 2017 When people describe employee/employer pairings that fail, they often say, “S/he wasn’t a good fit.” … Continue reading

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Case Study: Wake Up to a New Way of Meeting by

  The following case study was written by Chris Kassar, reposted here with permission.  3:03 PM. Geez. TWO more hours of this. My eyelids weigh a thousand pounds. Even the noblest efforts fail to prevent them from slamming shut. A … Continue reading

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A Healthy Team Shows – Boston Children’s Hospital by

Boston Children’s Hospital was literally buzzing with people yesterday. There were 5 greeters in red shirts there to meet us in the valet/handicapped area. At check-in the cheery nurse saw the unique attributes of both my nephews, being admitted for … Continue reading

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At Amazon Accountability Falls Short Without Empathy by

I have been thinking deeply about the recent New York Times article about Amazon’s culture (and resultant blogging by many), wavering between unfounded judgments (how could someone lead this way?) and also holding empathy for Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder and CEO, … Continue reading

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Team Leaders: Know Your Roll! (It’s a Pun) by

“Mike is a skilled team leader. He manages to eliminate obstacles for us, walk the talk, engage each member of the team, create energy, and focus the team. I really respect him, see him as one of us, but also … Continue reading

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Yes, Team Cohesion Still Matters by

This month, the Moementum Work Smart Blog will focus on the topic of team cohesion and team building. The practice of building team cohesion is as relevant today as it ever was, but the methods have certainly changed and improved … Continue reading

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Does (Team) Size Really Matter? by

One of the most frequent questions clients ask us is “what is the ideal size for a cohesive team.” Our answer? Before even considering ideal team size, we have to take into account the primary factors that are critical to … Continue reading

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The Value of Ah-So-Ko (Play at Work) by

When was the last time you laughed out loud at work over something spontaneously fun? Do you and your colleagues ever pause to do something that does not necessarily have a practical purpose? Have you ever thought about elevating your employee’s … Continue reading

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5 Things Teams Do to Make Beautiful Music Together by

Live music performed well is the ultimate example of team performance in action. Last weekend we made our annual migration to the Sisters Folk Festival, a phenomenal event in our home community showcasing singers from around the world sharing their … Continue reading

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